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iOS 11.4 Released! Everything You Need To Know

iOS 11.four Released With an Amazing Unexpected Feature, Speed Gains & Tons of Features! Everything You Need To Know Before Updating.

Full iOS 11.four Review: https://youtu.be/FsHSv1ELBz8

The Wallpaper I Used: https://goo.gl/QikWec
Blue Wallpaper: https://goo.gl/bVAx9c

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  1. Štěpán Krejčiřík

    Where can I get wallaper with 11.4 logo?

  2. Impendence Kitty

    How many Storage Will Take?

  3. Kengkemenengkew Bernardo

    whenever i watch your videos i always end up with an headache.. too many unnecessary movements.. im just saying the reason why i unsubscribe and never watching any of your videos again. sorry bro

  4. I have iOS 11.2.2 on iPhone 6 Plus and I was about to update to the next one then I heard some complaints and decided not to will it hurt if I go from my current iOS straight to 11.4?

  5. Is there jalibreak coming out for 11.4 ?

  6. How do I get it

  7. I think this update messed up my GPS

  8. Will this improve my i7?

  9. You too much talking asshole! !!

  10. can help me to jb ios 11.4 on iphone 6 ?

  11. I have a iPhone SE, should I update?

  12. 2:16 my reaction each time a software update has aesthetic changes.

  13. I dont update at all

  14. All I Smoke is Gas GBE

    Great…something almost no one uses…just what we wanted…

  15. can anyone help? everytime i facetime someone it says connects and then it ends right away and it pisses me off

  16. I have iPhone 6 plus and I’m on ios 11,
    I bought an Apple Watch and i couldn’t pair it because I need to update my phone to ios 11.4 what should i do please please answer

  17. This update sucks!!! Glitches and huge battery consumption

  18. Facebook is super glitchy but ONLY when messenger has your photos on read and write, after you take it to never the glitches slow down but that’s not the only thing. Idk why the battery dies so fast now when last update it lasted all day now 2-5 hours it’s dead. Gotta keep it on low battery mode to have a chance of it lasting

  19. The gaming Racer

    Found after updating to iOS 11.4 apps keep freezing and Touch ID is unresponsive

  20. Thank you for the review. I’m considering buying the X but do u think I ought to wait for the 11 should Apple name the next version?? Thank you

  21. Mohammad Hassan

    I had a wifi disabled on my iPad Air 2 on iOS 11.4
    Now I am using my ipad 2 on iOS 7 until they fix that bug fast

  22. another buggy release… can they make a solid software anymore??

  23. Is it just me or ios 11.4 wont allow you to screen record your internal music for example screen recording what your doing with your phone with internal background audio

  24. hi, i noticed that my mic of bluetooth headset (am using xiaomi sports headset) has stopped working with this update .. which was working fine earlier.. any help??

  25. Yanaki Plamenov

    How is the performance on iPhone 6s ?
    The battery life ? Should I update to 11.4?

  26. Hey…big fan !! Love your work n always looking up for your next videos. I am using iPhone X…after upgrading it to iOS 11.4…my phone is charging very slowly. It’s now taking 4-5 hours to charge full. Have you noticed something like this or anyone else has noticed it….?? Let me know your thoughts on this.

  27. Jimmy The Powerful ! FU

    With the same amount of money this imbecile retard gives out for his multiple homepods other families have to live on several months… idiocy has no limits it seems !

  28. should I upgrade from 9.3.2 to 11.4?

  29. I’ve updated my iPod Touch 6 to ios 11.4 but don’t see any difference in speed, wallpapers, or appearance.

  30. I found a freeze that you can do at will. It may only work on iPads as I haven’t tried on my phone.

    First, tap and hold a folder but don’t move your finger away from the spot.

    Tap another folder with a different finger but don’t hold it.

    Hold the home button to get Siri to open and Move your finger from step 1.

    Close Siri and hold one of the icons until the icons start shaking.

    Let go of the folder that showed up when Siri was open

    Drag the icon you held a little and let go after the icons stop moving everywhere. (If they do)

    Your device is now frozen and you need to force restart from what I found as that is the only way I could fix it

  31. mynnylaislife :

    Why did it delete wallpapers ?


  33. Worse for ip6

  34. Master Karim™

    I have ios 10.2 should i update to ios 11.4? (Iphone 6)

  35. It’s not present in 6s+

  36. Watchig on my iphone 6

  37. I have no Animoji on ios 11.4

  38. Exclusives King

    The iPhone 6s is going to get slow

  39. Isabella Kopriva

    how do you jailbreak ios 11.4?

  40. TheShadeOfDeath TV

    Should i update my Iphone SE ? I got it few days ago and its version is 11.3. Should i update to 11.4 ?

  41. How to delete any app?

  42. Ernesto Ponciano

    I wanted you to know that i just Found out that going to General>Profile device management its gone.

    I cant install any app that are not from the app store.
    Now i dont know if this was due to the update or just a malcontent on my device

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