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Introducing the new Nokia 5.1 – A timeless classic, refined


Premium craftsmanship and easily fashionable. The new #Nokiafive is a timeless vintage, refined. Now with Android One.

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  1. Price bohat jada hai

  2. oh my nokia

  3. We want nokia X6 … the rest of the world deserve it too…

  4. What about Nokia x6?????

  5. samir prajapati

    Nice but
    Which date you launch nokia x6 in india ?

  6. Beautiful

  7. mohammad hamza memon

    When is Nokia x6 realeasing in pakistan?

  8. Happy Life Lovely Life

    reliable mobiles in the world we love

  9. Veselka Tabakova

    Nokia most cool phone of all time

  10. This is nice model

  11. I am going to buy niokia 5.1

  12. I have the original Nokia 5

  13. Love it…

  14. Bikash Hazarika

    Please launch India Nokia X6.

  15. Aravind Selvam

    X6 launch date in India

  16. Awesome
    Love you nokia

  17. good ad

  18. Shashi Mallepoola

    When u are going to launch Nokiax6 global version

  19. Please tell me Nokia x6 launching date in india

  20. I love the soundtrack

  21. a lot of dumb People here are Complaining about MediaTek used on Nokia 5.1, they don't realize that Helio P18 is equivalent to SD625 or SD630 when it comes to power..

  22. My Nokia 2 phone is very very slow….this phone is not usable..my bad luck…

  23. Awesome phone

  24. This should have come last year
    Design and build outstanding as always
    However hmd should work on Camera and performance
    I am using Nokia 6 2017
    Camera average
    Performance is not that fast even redmi 4 note works better
    Regular security updates are really appreciated

  25. India waiting for x6

  26. You always delay your new mobiles launch in India

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