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India-Israel Agricultural Cooperation -New technology for the Indian farmer and the World

Agritech Can Boost India-Israel Startup Partnership
Israel is bringing new technology for the Indian farmer
Smart Farming – fashionable farming technology, About Agritech Israel

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  1. Amazing agriculture!

  2. History repears it's self like Joseph in the bible Israel saves the world.

  3. can u contact me to use this in my field.
    I want to know in detail
    What is the cost
    I am in india in odisha
    can i use it here
    What is the cost
    My no 9937020708

  4. Mannish Boriikar

    Wish to join please call on 09552228900 or mail me on glueit@gmail.com for how to join you?

  5. noor muhammad tunio

    zabardust/ nice

  6. Cow's meats is very very tasty cows meat is very very good yummy nice beef meat yum yum yum. . . . .

  7. Marcelo Machado

    Your channel is very cool.!!

  8. Do u provide any training in india?

  9. Shridhar Pawar

    Thanks israel part of indian development.

  10. koach, creative power, innovation

  11. I want to learn agriculture in Israel, where to start ?

  12. Naomi the Loyal gal

    Amazing Tech. we need such Tech in kenya too. Israel be part of us Kenya too.

  13. I love india

  14. long live israel

  15. Long live India and Israel friendship

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