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Incredibles 2 Review

Does the Pixar superhero sequel recapture the magic of the unique film?

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  1. Too many SPOILER

  2. Fook, I was expecting a 5/7 Rating, this is disappointing.

  3. Avengers Infinity War is an animated version of Avengers Infinity War.

  4. Why they haven't put an indian character in the movie , they are much more good looking then african's

  5. There's no hype for this movie. It's really weird they took to o long to make it.

  6. This review is a bit spoilery

  7. It was incredible

  8. This sick beat distracts me.

  9. Udit Vedant Mishra

    I never liked the first movie don't know what made it so popular

  10. Revanth Krishna

    Why so much waiting for the second part

  11. I better not see kids in the theater… This is NOT for them… This is for the ones who waited the long 14 years for this greatness

  12. Should i watch Better Call Saul ? and if so should i watch BB frist ? Do you have to do that ?

  13. NHL Games Comparisons

    Did the kids age at all?

  14. Tone of the movie was certainly different from the first, odd to hear swearing in this…also, strobe effects were somewhat excessive, even if it was especially colorful in one sequence – I could see a warning going out to those sensitive to strobe lights. Having said that, the jokes and overall story was good even though the villan is fairly similar to iron man 3 if you think about it.


  16. Someone gonna start to make Nick Fury-Frozone meme

  17. Olufemi Williams

    The film scripting is generic and dumb.

  18. Olufemi Williams

    How many times is Pixar going to let one of the main characters run through the forest?!

  19. I think the original is incredibly overrated. One of few Pixar films with no good message or heart. This seems much better.

  20. the movie hasnt even come out yet, you cant make a review if it havent come out yet

  21. I was old when I saw the first film and I'm even older now…oh well.

  22. Joey Eisenhower

    I was 2 years old when the original came out, and I watched it on repeat. I'm so excited for this

    And we know it's going to be a trilogy

  23. Randomass Gaming

    clap clap

  24. Classics superhero film trope: a lame villian

  25. cameron max dailey

    But where's the underminer?

  26. Glad to hear this is getting good reviews… really enjoyed no. 1.

  27. Damn the wife is hot!

  28. TheCanadianConservative


  29. Daniel the Perfect


  30. Rimba Marcellinus

    I’ve watched it, and it was really worth it. Each superhero has their own time to shine, for example my favorite Violet who finally shows her versatile use of her force fields.

  31. Marshall The Catholic

    Too much powers

  32. I can't wait to see this movie!

  33. "well are plenty of moments with action pack sequence is still needs the most important ingredient heart" score review 9.8 fuk u ign

  34. Saw this along with the first Incredibles movie in a double feature in IMAX. It was–as the boy in the tricycle in the first movie would say–totally wicked!!

  35. Provides nearly no criticism and it gives it a 9.2… How does the rating system work again?

  36. The Old shiskebab



  37. I’m also glad McDonald’s is making Disney Happy Meals again.

  38. bndctcmbrbtch 95

    Guys its really great…. Damn I love this movie. It lives beyond my expectation.

  39. Fidget Spinner Movie

    This movie is in no way better than the original. It was very disappointing and it tried too hard to follow the same formula as the original.

  40. saw it yesterday, it was definitely worth the wait

  41. That's a relief

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