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I’m Switching To The Samsung Galaxy S9

Prepare for my Samsung Galaxy S9 review.

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The Samsung Galaxy S9 is Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone. I’ve officially switched from the Google Pixel 2 XL to the Galaxy S9+ in order to evaluate it more extensively. My Samsung Galaxy S9 review will be coming soon.


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  1. If you could switch to any other smartphone right now, which would you switch to?

  2. if you don't need it please give it to me

  3. what is this garbage

  4. Give me one of your unused phone

  5. I can you give me that pixel 2xl if your are not using it

  6. Can I have your old phone?

  7. OMG, Oye Vey! The music already!

  8. A Iphone 8

  9. European Cavebeast

    freek, f off

  10. Why buy now all phones are going to 5 g

  11. Your really paying 400$ for camera

  12. May I have your replaced pixel phone? Hahahaha

  13. Christina hardy


  14. Nobody gives a flying ass fuck about android geeks. Jump off your little dirt hill

  15. Almost 900.00 for a 300.00 phone, truly crazy.

  16. Samsung the best phone ever

  17. Mazen Al Abdallah

    Thought he was gonna say Dbrand when he talked about the leather case

  18. xX-DrAgon Rage-Xx

    Why does everyone like his videos?

  19. Aidan Fortnite gaming

    I love my iPhone 7 Plus but I could see myself Owning the S9+

  20. Should I get an iphone 8s+ or samsung note 9

  21. Wonderful, It seems that now I have to find a different unboxer now because Louis is just going to talk about the Google Pixel. Love the bias..

  22. へんたい せんぱい

    Would this be a good gift for my mom?

  23. ill buy one when it goes for 200.

  24. If Samsung was a girl I will marry her

  25. Iphone 4 Life

  26. Should of stayed with the S7 or s8 you payd almost a Grand for a upgraded camera lmao so how much u getting for this comical? Because you know and I know that it's a joke. It's a s8 with a upgraded camera LMFAO slow mow haha I feel bad for anyone that get it. Just wait for the S10 it's almost here. Here's one did u know that color TV came first but they had to screw u first and sell u a black and white TV first. Same as , the s8 to the s9 Wow thxs Samsung

  27. Chris Robinson

    But Apple hides your notifications from friends. Requires your pretty face.

  28. Kurdan Sourpuss

    65% thru this vid and I still know NOTHING about the actual phone. Only thing I DO know is that this guy is worthless.

  29. Branden Adkison

    I'm still using my LG G2 from 2013 :/ looking forward to the next LG flagship

  30. Phoenix Rainwalker Tarot

    The only reason I would switch from a Samsung Galaxy to an iPhone is so I could use the instantgo app for my business. If Samsung has an app like instantgo that I could use that both Samsung and iPhone users could contact me on, I would most definitely stay in the Samsung Galaxy family. I do love the phones, minus that one little thing. Thanks for the video!

  31. I’m an iPhone user, but I like this.

  32. biscuits McSploosh

    "10mins of cordless charging" Tesla wanted to have that back in the EARLY 20th century

  33. Hey unbox therapy, can I get one s9+ 🙂

  34. Thoughts on the CAT phones?

  35. Why does he look depressed every time in the thumbnails?

  36. So is like Jack a real person or not?

  37. Factory reset and don't update the firmware that is designed to slow the phone down.

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