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I Bought $350 Worth of Tech eBay Mystery Boxes

I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT…Tech, Gadget and Gaming Mystery Boxes – this time we bought 5!! Download War Robots 6v6 PvP game and get a FREE starter pack: http://mtchm.de/jz9rf

I was HOPING for maybe an iPhone X or something, but we got headphones, an activity tracker, singing microphone, and some other stuff! We hit eBay looking for some WILD tech mystery boxes, and did an unboxing and review. Drop a Like if you want us to buy a $2,000 MYSTERY BOX next time 💸💰

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I Bought $290 Worth of Gaming eBay Mystery Boxes: https://bit.ly/2qwKVcD

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  1. I just give you like not because I like the mystery boxes but because you did not buy things from people who have zero feedback and description

  2. This video is really different he was not as happy as he usually is I don’t know maybe it’s just me

  3. Never seen a YouTube channel fall so hard just cause of a hairstyle

  4. why does he remind me of bryce walker from 13rw?

  5. Keaton I actually like your hair now

  6. Take off that shirt

  7. imam abdurazakov

    As soon as I saw the Barcelona Jersey… Like and subscribe. Lol

  8. Storm Animations

    I miss watching keaton
    I was too busy animating 😛

  9. your channel is slowly dying

  10. MoneyGone


  12. you sound like ninja

  13. Swag Mario Bros

    I'm early

  14. It's time to touch up your roots

  15. More like misery boxes

  16. nice one ⥤ bro


  18. Beth Da Unicorn

    This is ur second best series of vids

  19. What happened if you got yeezys

  20. Madeleine Andersson

    2 mystery boxes in a row smh..

  21. Ahh beutiful barcelona jersey liked

  22. Please respond

  23. This was the most boring video in the series doesnt deserve a like

  24. Magna defender silverfrost war robots

    Bro surely pay 2win for components because they are super rare (war robots)

  25. hey maybe learn how to say Givnechy?

  26. Purplestache999

    Aweh I missed ur old desk;(

  27. 2 color shirt noice!
    (I know its not, relax)

  28. Wowww you are a cule ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  29. TAHLIA Tཽhཽeཽ ᑌᑎIᑕOᖇᑎ


  30. next one you should only buy mystery boxes from either fans or no feed back like so keaton can see this

  31. No barca kit you need to have the real madrid kit

  32. Barca sucks… hala madrid

  33. Jonathan pizzati


  34. Mason Hinrichs

    i am a big fan TechSmartt., but how many times have you gotten scammed in ebay before?

  35. Do a episode where you buy all zero feedback boxes

  36. Who else is scrolling down the comment while he chooses the boxes?

  37. why da barca keaton hala madrid next time wear a real madrid jersey

  38. Whens the last time you made profit in one of these videos?

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