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Hyperloop Dubai Vision 2020 : Biggest Revolution In Economy & Technology !

Dubai hyperloop Vision 2020 . It will be the biggest revolution in economy and technology .

Over the past years, Elon Musk’s visions of a future where people and cargo travel speed of sound through special tubes are becoming a reality .

Designed for DP World Cargospeed, a collaboration between cargo giant DP World and Virgin Hyperloop One, Foster + Partners’ vision for an infrastructural network seeks to create a new ecosystem where urban centers and rural landscapes are interconnected, as are humans and nature.

Powered by renewable energy, the network is envisioned as being safe and clean, with no carbon emissions.

Hyperloop will changew the economy is an incredible technology revolution. A big invention always improve the productivity and increase the economic growth.

The World’s First Commercial Hyperloop is Coming to Abu Dhabi and Dubai in 2020

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Credits to : Foster + Partners, DP World and Virgin Hyperloop one.

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    It will not be in Dubai they said that they approved only 10 projects one would be in the United States, one in Mexico, another in England, another in Canada and finally another in India.

  2. Дмитрий Коптев

    классно ! :)))

  3. wow
    do chinas or usa futures projects

  4. Yo
    Enrigue do a Kuwait mega projects

  5. Kishor sumerpur



    Nahhhh, it would be 2030

  7. Cities of the Future

    Hyperloop is gonna change everything!

  8. So this will be the life in 1.6 years from now?

  9. Where are the stupid thunderf00t comments?

  10. Stop spreading lies ,, the project has been cancelled,, im living in UAE

  11. In 2014 ,Jiaotong University .China s oldest railroad engineering school with government funding built and tested a small maglev train in a vacuum enclosure ay 1,000 km/hr.according to Tomo News and Science with a video of the maglev train in a vacuum enclosure.Dubai Hyperloop will carry a few rich people in a pod.like the Concorde

  12. Frapto Chivonsky

    As much as it looks good, I don't see how it is efficient enough to justify the cost. It might be so expensive as only to serve the top 1%.

  13. Speed Without Safety is Death.

  14. Bout time we've finally see this. Looks like they may well deliver after all. It's going to be so cool.

  15. Hat Skyway nicht verkündet das die in Dubai bauen

  16. No money for this project too…just a dream…add another Tax…lol

  17. tawachai kongnak

    Best video Background sound name

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