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Huawei P20 Pro Review: The Triple Camera Smartphone!

Huawei P20 Pro. The eye catching flagship you will have by no means heard of. Is it value it?
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Intro Track: Back and Forth through 20syl



Phone supplied through Huawei for assessment.

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  1. Man that pixel phone is ugly af.

  2. "I'm trying to do the best with the camera I have"
    Probably shot this with a RED

  3. Andrew Grindstaff

    U know what a rom is right?

  4. nice dog 🙂

  5. You should make a review of his young brother, the Huawei p20 lite.
    I really want to know that it worth it, thanks!! 😉

  6. Final statement / conclusion is vague..
    The lenses and censors are top notch so it would seem. But the software is where the camera falls short

  7. What i dont understand is It has the highest Dxo mark of 109 that is miles ahead of what Pixel managed to get and still you are saying Pixel is better of two…so this only means two things…either DXO is biased or you are lying….

  8. Google/Iphone bought this guy!
    Been using this phone for a month now and i found it very good to use. It never disappoint me. Shame on u marques

  9. Why did you do a p20 pro review and skip the p10?

  10. wish i didnt know he was sponsored by Pixel

  11. There are people who see you all over the world and after watching this video, I think all you care about is making USA great again 🙂

  12. No joke but this is the prettiest phone ever made.

  13. Ok, so it's not available in the US, but if I live in the US, can I buy a jailbroken one and get it to work for me? What options are there for the U.S. market?

  14. Its in canada

  15. Biased incomplete poor review.

  16. still the best camera on the market for low light, no matter how many phones i review, p20 pro still comes up on top…

  17. I'm considering to buy this …no headphone jack…. ummmmm

  18. Thank you Marques; excellent points. I have been VERY intrigued by this phone as I love their display on the 8in tablet. But, after this, I will look into Pixel or S9+.

  19. Matjaž Založnik

    make camera test dmc cm1 vs p20 pro

  20. Please tell me the name of the theme in this video, I love it. Thanks

  21. I own this phone. The camera comments from MKBHD here are not completely accurate. He is talking about 10mp auto shots. 40mp shots from this phone are insanely amazing. No over sharpening etc… I think this camera deserevs a more comprehensive review. It's the best camera I have ever used. Photos need editing and post processing yes but after you twick them they are the best and years ahead of other smart phone cameras.

  22. Bhen ke lode tha kuch ni pta

  23. Boring graphics..and f**ky notch…and similar stock Android..better go 4 an iphn se

  24. Lemonwhitemacaroon red

    Bias af

  25. 华为P20 PRO不错,我用了1个多月感觉很爽

  26. Pregnant attempt day juror confront receive commission decline custom giant.

  27. I mean, Android is Google’s product, it would be logical for me if they had the best software in their phone, if not the best android phone.

  28. SONY is the current leading player in smartphone camera sensors.
    Lists of Sony IMX camera sensors:

    Samsung Note 4, Note 5, Samsung Galaxy (S6, S7, S8, S9+),
    iPhone 7, 7+, iPhone 8, iPhone X, Vivo V5s, Oppo F7, LG (G4, G5, G6), Asus Zenfone 5, Huawei Mate 8, Huawei P9, Huawei P10, Huawei P20 Pro and Google Pixel.

  29. A friend has got one and I’m blown away by the photos he has taken, insanely good.

  30. Camera is awesome, I'm a tour guide in Antelope canyon and a lady from Spain brought a P20. It was taking excellent pics

  31. ! would like to see a 1 inch sensor smartphone .

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