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Hands On Jabra Elite Active 65t – In Depth Review with Call Quality Test

This an excessively extensive evaluate of the Jabra Elite Active. This covers the whole thing you wish to have to grasp in regards to the Jabra Elite Active 65t before you purchase. Take a take a look at the video index to leap to the world that you have an interest in.

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Unboxing 1:11
EarBuds 2:42
Charging Case three:47
Battery existence five:51
Connectivity 7:17
Active Designation eight:10 IP Rating
Active side of app eight:46
Siri, Alexa & Google Now nine:33
Call Quality 10:11
Outdoor Call Test 10:41 Must see and Hear!
Music Quality 12:48
Hear Thru Tech 13:35
Ear Fatigue 14:25
Bluetooth connection steadiness 14:45
Jabra App Review 16:04
My advice 18:37

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  1. EBPMAN Tech Reviews

    Guys this a very very detailed review of the jabra elite active 65t. Check out my call audio test in the index.

  2. I had the elite 65t and the audio and video is out of sync for YouTube app and Facebook app as well as all my mobile games. I paired it with a iPhone 7 on latest os and firmware. Any of that issue with this model?

  3. Can someone please confirm if these earbuds will not make you have to keep repairing to each device you switch to? I am always switching from phone to iPad, and my Sony 1000xm2 headphones have to keep repairing.

  4. Would you consider the fit secure enough to use while riding bicycle? With the shoulder checks and going over bumpy surfaces? Thanks

  5. Edwin Jaudon Jr

    The call quality sounds great, but how is the latency for movies, I know alot of the true wireless buds have a delay for movies and that's primarily why I would want a pair of these for long train rides

  6. These are the best right now, if I had to change a couple of things, I would have a latch/button to open case, I dropped the case once and case opened on impact and buds went flying in different directions, lucky I wasn't near a sewer gutter. In my opinion they are slippery in hand I wish the case and buds had that non slip rubber coating like the icox2018 and jabra sport elite have, I thought the active version would have it, being active with sweat. Last thing would be USB-c all my devices use this now a days.

  7. He's a hundred percent right about the 65 t, you locked them in your ear and they never come out.. I actually use the 65 T for everything.. At work Atwood home when I'm doing lawn work or when I'm power walking, jogging, riding my bike for 38 miles which it takes me 3 hours to do, talking on the phone, listening to music although I wish they had a tad bit more bass but they sound awesome I'm thinking of keeping the 65t at work and getting the active

  8. Wayne Southern

    I've had mine for a few weeks now. One thing that irks me is that I have to be in hear through mode to activate the step count. Having the choice would be ideal. Most phone calls while wearing these have ended up switching back to the phone due to a lack of voice clarity through the Jabra mic. They are super comfortable and with the correct fit they stay in position well, the only time mine seem to move around is when lying on the bench press where I usually have to give them a firm press to push them into the ear canal. I have experienced no connection issues at the moment (current firmware) and no A/V sync issues. Yes, they do sound amazing.

  9. Jabra Elite Active 65t or Iconx 2018? In your opinion?

  10. hi, great review. how come you have the black version? only the blue version is available on amazon.

  11. So I've owned the airpods since they came out and love them! But since switching to the Note 8, i've been looking for something new. I ordered the IconX 2018 which come in tomorrow but while at best buy I saw the Active 65t and decided to give them a try.

    Active 65t – Pretty good sound quality but the right earbud hurts like a bitch. Left if perfect fit. I even tried different size tips but no luck. Going to return them tomorrow. Hoping the IconX will be better fitting for my ears. Airpods are super comfortable and don't fall out of my ears so if the IconX don't workout then will be keeping my airpods.

    But definitely advice trying out the headphones and maybe they fit better in your ears. For my Airpods are the best choice right now. Hoping IconX can replace them though. We will see tomorrow!

  12. Hopefully jabra updates there EQ option… Some presets would be nice… So far jaybird has the best app when it comes to this

  13. Also wondering the difference between the Active and the ‘regular’. Just IP, Coating and Motion sensor? If so, I will keep what I have now.
    Absolutely love my Elite 65T and I use it a ton for working out, sweat and all. Nary an issue in 3 months. Very snug fit. I don’t even use my wireless ‘cans’ any more for isolating sound.

  14. When can we buy the active? Where? Jabra website says "coming soon"

  15. Am I the only one that thinks the blues look nicer? Lol

  16. great review! only things that bug me are that I dont get why they dont adopt usb c and why didnt they throw in some magnets in the case!!! it would have been perfect!!!

  17. what is the difference between both ? active or not?

  18. Is there any difference comparing to elite 65t??(except ip rate)

  19. I’ve been waiting for these. They showed up this week at my local store. Thanks for the review. Just looking for airpod alternative. Lol.

  20. Øystein Gåsdal

    Nice video. Can you change songs back and forth in Spotify by tapping the buds?

  21. Can you use the left ear phone with out the right one in the ear?

  22. Hey bro , Test please the new Sennheiser presence business edition for phone calls .This is insane performance of microphones , today I test it in cafe shop and in shopping mall . Noise reduction from other planet , peoples in other line they believe that I am alone in home LOL. If you order it please ask the latest product with build number after 10/2017 and also make it update before use it . Maybe later I will upload a video to understand for what I am talking.

  23. 我爱吃水果

    when would the active release?

  24. So whts ur recommendation for ear tips for better isolation (like active sound cancellation)?

  25. FYI – Alexa streaming stops when the phone notification chimes (Galaxy Note 8)

  26. Traffic noise is among the easiest sounds to filter away. Where they should really be tested would be in an open office environment with a lot of talking persons around you. Please make a test of that too?

  27. Can you connect it to two devices like you could with the jabra elite 65t none active version

  28. is the 65t is it better than active 65t and witch sound quality while on phone call is better?

  29. The audio call quality is clear although your voice a bit robot sound

  30. I've searched everywhere but to no avail. Can they work interdependent of each other?

  31. Where can I get the black one, Im based in the UK we do not have a best buy.

  32. You didn't mention that these has BT 5.0 which makes them superior to any other truly wireless ear buds in terms of connectivity and most of all lightening fast and won't sync off with videos.

  33. Very good review

  34. Great review. I'm gonna get this and interested in the black color (Elite Active 65t) but I couldn't find that option. Can you advice how to go further? I'm in Melbourne, Australia.


    so which ones would you buy? the iqbuds boost or sabra elite active 65t

  36. CAn you do a comparison between these and the jabra sport?

  37. Excellent review video, thank you!

  38. These are not good.. The sound quality is horrible almost hollow and tinny. Do not buy

  39. Thomas Fraiß - RECHTECK

    I tested the Jabra Elite Sport headphone but was very disappointed, every 10 seconds the connection failed / was interrupted for a little while. does this also happen with the new material?

  40. Philip Giordano

    Great review! Influenced my purchase of the Jabra Elite Active 65t and I really like them. I've had them one week but am struggling with fit. I prefer Comply foam tips on my other in-ear phones but the Comply Truly Wireless tips only come in one size which appears to be close to the medium silicon tips. Can you please advise if the Large Jabra Elite Sport Foam Tips will fit Jabra Elite 65t and allow them to charge? I barely get a good fit with the Large Silicon tips on the Active 65t so I'm looking for Large foam tip alternatives. Thanks!

  41. Which is better, the 65t or the active?

  42. How do they compare to the standard Jabra Elite 65t? Any improvements?

  43. Which one is better in your opinion?
    65t active or elite sport

  44. is the Elite Active 65T worth the extra money over the Elite 65T?

  45. Where did you get The Black version?

  46. you are awesome

  47. does this has different sound quality than non-active elite 65t

  48. One annoying thing about these wireless ear buds is if you lose the case like I did they want $70 for a new one. The case is small and light and fell out of my pocket on a hike and I never noticed it was gone. Come on $70 for the case. Their cost is probably less than $10. Something to consider.

  49. Barrett Wellington

    Thank you for the review, I just bought the Jabra Elite Active 65t (copper/blue from Amazon), the music sound could be louder and more defined. While using the large ear gels the sound isolation is better, but then difficult to hear your own voice while on a call.

  50. Just picked up a pair. I previously owned the Jabra Elite Sports and these are better in sound quality and functionality. Great review and keep up the outstanding reviews.

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