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Half-Life – Scientist Fear

Part of my Half-Life Fact Files sequence: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDmcwfn8y0lMtlqcpUhggk0FB1EC2i3iB

This installment of Half-Life miscellany takes a take a look at the pusillanimous reactions of Black Mesa’s males of science. In different phrases, a number of cowardly nerds.

Music: Half-Life 2 (Kelly Bailey) – Triple Entanglement

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  1. you sir are the pannenkoek2012 of half-life

  2. Oh yeah, Takes off diaper


  4. Sonari N. Roulette

    I'd be scared shitless too, even with Gordon by my side.

  5. Da Epic Kawwala Guy

    If there is a security Guard around will the scientist Hide behind it?

  6. S T A H P

  7. Xelectronico Roblox

    What font (letters) do you use in your texts?

  8. Lissander Knight

    Я думал что он не пугается, а уши загрывает. Типа, громкие выстрелы или громкие звуки удврв монтировкой

  9. AVGN thumbnail

  10. These are still some of the best Half Life videos, its so cool to see how things in the game work/used to work. How do you come up with a topic to test?

  11. Crazy Productions

    The reason half-life 2 assumed you didn't kill any of the scientists is because only a person with a heart of stone would have that happen

  12. Deutsches Vaterland.

    Running into corners doesn't sound very smart at all.Considering the fact that these are scientists.

  13. Eliot Luurtsema

    O H D E A R

  14. Why are the scientists so funny?

  15. Oh dear

  16. Agent Zero The Koraa Hunter


  17. Totally Russian Mark

    u wot freeman

  18. SureThing Kavespy

    That scared me wtf

  19. This video makes half life 1 into a horror game


  21. Scientist after being hurt by alien: "Screw you guys, I'm going home!"

  22. Emperor Kobanian

    sees enemy
    Scientist: walks
    sees corridor
    Scientist: AH!

  23. GasMaskedGaming

    3:48 A H H

  24. This is……

  25. No scientists were harmed in the making of this video

  26. lemmingscanfly5

    "I believe this will make for a notable caper, don't you?"
    "Shut up"

  27. The scientists run is just priceless

  28. I thought this was a half life ytp

  29. thanks to pannenkkoek(?), we are living in a new age of entertainment

  30. Person652001 Person652001

    "Don't just stand there! Pick up that gun AND SHOOT IT!"

  31. 2:29 "Did you see that shit?"

  32. The Atomic Cherry

    You’re still making videos on an almost two decade old game.
    That’s how in depth this game is.

  33. Sarmatian Smilodon

    They used to scream this line A LOT.
    As a non native speaker I simply can’t pick what does he say.
    “Oh dear”? “Odeah”? “Rotia?” No way. I can’t understand.
    Anyone to help me, people?

  34. Now we need a video about the Guard's AI, although it'll probably just be shooting anything in sight

    Also, we really need a mod that restores the cut content

  35. Now we need a video about the Guard's AI, although it'll probably just be shooting anything in sight

    Also, we really need a mod that restores the cut content

  36. Jotunn Dovregubben

    Why didn't Half-Life have any female or transgender scientists? Is Valve run by Hitler?

  37. I wish there was a mod that restored cut features like that or the cut vortigaunt behavior.


  39. Luv ur vids !

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