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Gorillaz – Humility (Official Video)

‘Humility’ feat. George Benson is taken from the new
album THE NOW NOW. Listen/purchase now: http://gorill.az/thenownow

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Director: Jamie Hewlett
Co-directors: Tim McCourt, Max Taylor, Evan Silver
Executive Producer: Bart Yates
Producers: Ryan Ennis, Georgina Fillmore, Franzi Nicolaus
Gorillaz are controlled through Eleven Management.

Jack Black: as himself
Bodybuilders: Alex Okafor
Basketball Players: Dexter Homan, Brent Martin
Chess Player: Remi Kabaka
Bad Skater: Will Dewitt
Roller Skater stand-in: Edgar Khatchatrian
Production Company: Blinkink
Production Company: The Line
Production Company: Ruffian
Animation: The Line
Animation Directors: Tim McCourt & Max Taylor
Executive Producer: James Duveen
Editor: Robert Rafalat

Animators: Marlène Beaube, Léonard Bismuth, Maxime Delalande, Tim Dillnutt, Sarah Dhorne, Wesley Louise, Venla Linna, Xavier Ramonède, Pierre Rütz, Alvise Zennaro

Background Artist: Bjorn Erik-Aschim
Lead Compositor: Bernardo Varela

Compositors: Valentina Bartiromo, Guillaume Cassuto, Kye Dorricott, Fiona Lu, Courtney Pryce

Clean Up Artists: Aude Carpentier, Denise Dean, Angelina De Silva, Michael Douglas, Gerald Gallego, Venla Linna, Toby Parry, Setareh Seto, Isobel Stenhouse

Production Manager: Max Ross
Production Assistants: Samia Ahmed, Leana Mae Felipe
Tech Support: Jack Straw
Additional Clean Up: Amix
Rotoscoping: Trace VFX
Live Production: Ruffian
Director: Evan Silver
Executive Producer: Robert Herman
Head of Production: Sheila Eisenstein
Production Supervisor: Joshua Hummel
Director Of Photography: Carlos Veron
1st AC: Rod Horwitz, Eric Aguilar
2d AC: Alan Certeza, Brian Austin
B-Cam Operator: Joseph Messier
DIT: JJ Osbourne
1st AD: Chuck Connors
2d AD: Erid Topp, Brent Martin
Gaffer: Red Hickman
Key Grip: Michael Koepke
Grips: Ryan Sparling, Danny Carillo, Adam Flore
Production Designer: Chris Yager
Wardrobe: Scott Ludden
Hair/Make-Up: Amy Hanlin
Grading Facilities: Time Based Arts
Colourist: Simone Grattarola
Executive Producer Colour: Tom Jones
Location Manager: Scott Ludden
Sound Design: Offset Audio
Engineer: Claire Bilyard

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  1. the sad part about this song is that it ends

  2. 2:15 me working in a group project

  3. wait, this came out 4 days after my birthday… that is actually awesome…. i wonder if it was ON anyone's birthday

  4. C H I L E R O J O Y P I C A N T E

    Me encantaria escuchar una colaboración con los red hot chili peppers! ❤

  5. Mattato Animations

    Me: struggling
    The world: hah you're bad
    Also the world: want help?
    Me: No I want to be alone leave me be alone by myself to be alone by myself with myself alone

  6. Those sleeves don’t look comfortable

  7. Murdoc looks like that dude off of powerpuff girls

  8. 2-D IS 40!

  9. I'm really stupid but

    Now a lot of people harp on the fact that 2-D's eyes are white, but if you look closely, you can see that he actually brushed his teeth today.

  10. I don't know if this makes me gay but 2d looking thicc no homo

  11. I just noticed

  12. the bops are real.

  13. elizabeth clark-volpe

    them short shorts

  14. Is that jack black

  15. Noodles new design is perfect

  16. A man Cooks his own balls

    From the longest pants to the shortest shorts!

  17. Александра Химченкова

    Прекрасный клип , с отличной атмосферой))))

  18. jinos 8trigrams64palms


  19. So nobody is going to talk about Noodles shirt? Just me, ok.

    2 0 1 8

  21. The poverty rate lmao

  22. Sponsored By Beats

  23. What would you call the outfit that 2D's wearing?

  24. Андрей Лобанов

    I've watched this clin bilions of times.And i guees im ready to ask.Wha the heck JackBlack doing here????

  25. What if murdoc is actually ace in disguise

  26. ya they are just chillin with Ace and JB!!!

  27. 2018??

  28. Marlon Isait XD YT

    Se noto un un cambio en sus ojos del 2D cuando el gordo lo tiro y cuando se sacudio sero los ojos y te isieron blancos

  29. 2:35 What you see when you enter heaven.

  30. 'so am i the only one who's gonna point out the booty shorts

  31. 2D in 2D something what i like

  32. Emilia Aparecida Dos Santos Nery

    Fantástica esta música. Gratidão!

  33. Whenever I listen to this song, I'm always like "OH MAH BABY CHILD IS NOT A DRUGGY ANYMORE!!! YAY!". But then I think about the music video and I'm like "Ew…Short-Shorts…". (Anyone else get that gumball reference? :3)


    2D has a nice butt

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