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Google Photos 2018: The one-stop tutorial

Google Photos 2018– the straightforward approach to stay your pictures secure, arranged and simple to seek out. Learn how you’ll be able to use Google Photos to regulate your pics and stay your valuable recollections secure.

In this video:

1:38 Google Photo Overview
four:58 Google Photos Demo

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  1. Old lady here. This is a bit creepy. But, I am a dinosaur after all!

  2. how can i delete the photos in google photos, but keep the originals on my phone? I turned off the sync option, and still it backs up my photos to google, and if i try deleting the photo from google photos, it deletes it from my phone as well.

  3. How do I get my photo from my old iPad to my nw iPad

  4. dottotech
    I believe there is one thing that was left out as one of Google photo's compromises for the free service (apart from what Google does with the photos and videos). When you upload photos and videos there, though they have the same resolution for those under 16 MP and 1080p, they are more compressed versions of them. Thus some details will be lost though barely noticeable if at all. You will notice this when you try to download those images and videos you uploaded. They are significantly lower in file size. Correct me if I am wrong.

    Nevetheless, I am an avid user of it. The pros heavily outweighs the cons. And I love the fact that I have access to all my photos wherever I have access to Google.

  5. I want to delete photos from the phone to free up storage but, leave them on the cloud. I don't like this syncing . I just want to back up

  6. Hello and thank you, quick question as im in google photos, and when i hit the search tab, i don't get the page with all the faces that where you can type in that name and all the pics with that person will come up. Am I missing something?

  7. I just downloaded google photos to backup my pics from my phone. Any suggestions on where to primarly back up my pics to? I have an old pc and I am afraid of backing them up onto that for fear of loosing them there. ANY suggestions? Pls help, Mr Wise man. 🙂

  8. There is such an incredibly insane long amount of rattling on here I could not find out how to actually upload pictures from my PC to Google Photos.
    Did you even show that part ??!!

  9. Wow he ez da main Broker for pissaca videos ok but v need her daughters ok ?

  10. Georgia Barretto

    Oh my gush this picking people's people faces is very messed up as they can know these peoples names by their face. Please this is evil as these people are in public aces they could be recognized and taken away and Government would know whom they are taking and their life profile can pop up and they can control people and their actions . How can this be awesome? To me it is absolutely evil

  11. Georgia Barretto

    How do you delete a photo?

  12. Georgia Barretto

    I couldn't do it

  13. Millie Dappollone

    Can you please tell me how I can retrieve a photo that I deleted when I deleted an album with one picture? thank you,

  14. I’ve heard allot of a privacy issues with google photos although I really like this app but is it private or nah ?

  15. Dropbox and thumbsplus are my tools. I’m a folder guy and have hundreds of thousands of pictures I can find quickly. Google photos are a parallel strategy and the two are pretty hostile to each other. Then there is iCloud, Dropbox, one drive and Google drive all hostile at some level Just saying the panacea is hard to see.

  16. This neanderthal has accumulated quite a few HDDs from expired machines etc over the years and that's where my backups go. Google Photos is just that an emergency back up (house fires, burglary etc) but will now start using GPhotos more for search etc. Good video dotto.

  17. Great overview of Google Photos – thanks! My storage is iOS devices backup to my iMac which Backus up to my Synology Server using Time Machine. Server drives are mirrored.

  18. Anyone know how to privatize photos in Google photos so they're organized together and not just thrown in a general "archive" location??

  19. My Android has follow up uiong Xfiniy.com. LG Stylo 4.

  20. I just wants to create folders/album and MOVE the Photos to. But Google just creates a link, when i go to "photos" the photos i just placed on the album STILL on the Photos part, creating a mess hard to discover what photo is not in a album

  21. Problem: Google Photos on my iMac is always 3 to 4 weeks behind updating to sync with my iPhone. For example, when I take a photo with my iPhone & then open Google Photos on my iMac to view the photo, it's not there, but will appear 3 weeks later.

  22. steve – kamerad – du siehst negativ aus mit dem bart 😉

  23. keeping up with Unknown

    Guys I had backed up my photos on google photos but when I signed into my google photos on a new phone my photos weren’t there. Does anyone know what to do?

  24. You Did not discuss Albums which I love to use ??

  25. But if its not on your phone you cant put photos in albums 🙁

  26. Google drive can be downloaded onto a mac computer. Is this also true of Google photos?

  27. Interesting and informative!

  28. This video really helped me alot!

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