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Everything Wrong With USB-C Cables

USB-C has led to a large number of confusion. As Apple and different corporations push to incorporate best USB-C ports customers are left with a large number of complications. Two USB-C cables that glance the similar can switch knowledge and gear at other speeds. And now not all USB-C to headphone jack adapters fit. It’s time to transparent up the confusion and to find the suitable cable in your tool.


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Everything Wrong With USB-C Cables

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  1. My brother took my Google pixel charger and went to the gas station and bought me a replacement but I got even more pissed off because I knew it was hot garbage.

  2. I had a note 5 that had fast charging as well with a micro USB lol would charge twice as fast with a USB-C cable using a converter lol

  3. didn't even dare mention thunderbolt………..

    Honestly though, why on earth did any of these manufacturers make Type-C cable conforming to any standard below 3.1 in the first place. The USB spec IS already backward compatible. A 2.0 device gets plugged in the host machine or charger should by default only deliver what the device asks for, as it always has. Now these clowns have created unnecessary hurdle by miss-wired cables and crap regulator chips that everyone has to wade through to find proper products.

  4. I've also had these issues with the mess of different micro USB cables I have in a drawer. This isn't anything new.

  5. If you can trust the reviews. I really don’t like Amazon as they are starting to become the Alibaba of the western world filled with Shenzhen specials you can’t trust. I tried to buy my wife some USB C cable‘s and I was on Amazon looking through reviews and one seller set up 84 fake reviews on their item. I contacted Amazon numerous times to get them to take down the reviews and they wouldn’t. Even though I told them all 84 reviews we made in a 24 hour period and none by verifiable amazon customers. Be smart about trusting reviews and make sure they are verified customers who are confirmed to have purchased the product. Also don’t buy it from Amazon anymore because they don’t do you any quality control on their marketplace resellers.

  6. Oh nooooo, different cables have different bandwidths! Guess you shouldn't use DVI or HDMI either, then.

  7. Linus Tech Support disliked that

  8. So maybe don't use the 10-foot one I bought for $10 at the 7-11?

  9. So you titled this "Everything Wrong With", hoping to cash in on clickbait via CinemaSins and other copycats. Then proceeded to explain the one existing issue that regards type c cables, without even addressing that it's the same as when usb 3.0 and 3.1 came out and some manufacturers were still getting rid of usb 2 stock. I don't normally comment criticisms like this because I don't want this kind of stuff to be thrown at a creator when they might not be looking for constructive feedback, but this video really stands out as a lazy attempt to illustrate the point. You should consider making a follow-up.

  10. First thing he says is. Why cheap cable older USB and expensive faster USB version wah

  11. This is kinda wrong the cable can have better inaulation for higher bandwiths and the cable dosent realy do anything it just connects the connectors together and a laptop charger woudnt do shitt to a phone as the phone woud only draw as much as it needs voltage is a different story but if their the sami in every aspect but the amperage then its fine

  12. Nothing wrong with usb-c

  13. USB 3.1, 3.0 and 2.0 are just common types for general USB. They are not limited to type C. For instance, many modern PCs will have a combination of USB 2, 3.0 and 3.1 in type A, which is the classic USB plug style. The data transfer is limited to the lowest USB type of the cable, and the devices on each end.

    This is not exclusive to type C. This existed for USB micro as well. This video is misleading.

  14. Obviously buying higher quality cables can prevent a lot of the problems of USBC, having to do research and have a deeper understanding of the cable is a lot for most consumers. And basing your purchasing decision solely on price is never a good idea, especially because there will always be companies that will sell expensive cable that are not marginally better than less expensive ones.

    Another inherit problem that the video brought out but that people seem to be forgetting is that it claims to be universal and while it can fit into a large amount of devices, what it can do for those devices can vary based on the cables. Most cables don’t have this problem. If I plug a USB A cable into my laptop I know I’m going to be able to transfer files. If I plug an HDMI cable into my DVD player, I know it’s going to transmit video. And if I plug headphones into my phone, I know I’m going to be able to play audio. And let’s face it, you’re not always going to be using your own cables. So the fact that with USBC you can’t get the kind of reliability that you could from a variety of other cables means that it is failing in its goal of being a truly universal cable, which is definitely a problem.

    Now of course I think that USBC is the way of the future. I use a Mac with it and I wish my phone and tablet used it as well. But to deny the fact that it has flaws will not improve the platform. It will only slow down it’s progress and adoption. So people saying that this video has no merit should one, stop criticizing everything that doesn’t perfectly align with their opinions on technology and two, open up minds and pay attention to the facts

  15. What a stupid video. The points raised are true for any USB cable.

  16. I found it pretty ridiculous that USB c cables used to charge most devices require a 56k Ohm resistor. That should be part of the device, not the cable. The Nintendo Switch is actually vulnerable to that. You can ruin it when you plug in a cable without such resistor and I blame Nintendo for this safety oversight.
    I also think you should have talked about this resistor specifically. 'safety features' is so general and can be anything, but this is a specific thing people could look and shop for.

  17. Yeah, same thing with USB type A, really no difference, just read the fine print and you'll be find. Being lazy has consequences, so just be proactive.

  18. What's the point having a device that works with all my stuff if I still need to make sure I'm using the right cable for the right device. Most people will think all their stuff uses USB c so they can just buy one to use for all of it

  19. James Mastroianni

    Same goes for any other open source standard. Since theres no company to get licenses from, theres no one double checking it's being made right. In every cable. So yea buying trusted brands (whether off brands or not) is just your safest bet. Actually just look for brands with lightning cables or thunderbolt 3 certified cables, as those are companies bound to not cut out safety devices

  20. WTF?! Why why WHY on earth would the cable be responsible for limiting charging current?! Beyond the cable being able to announce that its conductors can only handle a certain current limit, that negotiation should be between the device and the charger, and any failure in the negotiation should result in the minimum or no power being delivered. How do they screw this up so badly?

  21. Christofer Fellicious

    There is no USB 3.0, it has been changed to USB 3.1 Gen 1 and USB 3.1 Gen 2. USB 3.0 has been renamed to USB 3.1 Gen 1.

  22. Holy S*** ur stupid, its ez. U ask ur self, what usb gen is it. And then if it is thunderbolt.
    BTW its called an power adapter, not a power supply xd

  23. I think a more accurate title would be "Here's everything Apple fanboys don't understand about USB C"

  24. Devices only use as much power as they need. Using a 5 amp rated USB cable with a phone doesn't mean it uses the full 5 amps. This is just false information.

  25. Your advice is terrible. "Use cable A with device A". If I am required to use a specific cable for a specific device, there's no point in using usb c. It was meant to be a standard for most devices, without you having to know the details of it. I hate usb c, it's the worst, even killed my Nintendo Switch dock.

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