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DEW is science fact, California is under attack

DEW or Directed Energy Weapon is 100% undeniable fact. California is relatively actually under a terrorist attack as their properties and homes are being burned and torched with intent. This is a development in their time table 21, time table 2030 plans for the way forward for society, this isnt a shaggy dog story or conspiracy this is fact and also you higher get up to this, the time for sitting at the sidelines staring at sports activities and putting together with your buds has handed, America is completely under attack and California is the checking out grounds

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  1. Its heartbreaking and nobody gives a crap out here. They all think its just wildfires, you cant get through to anyone its so frustrating!

  2. So yes Directed Energy Weaponry is real. NO CONSPIRACY THEORY, if anyone has anything to say against directed energy weapons, or that its crazy science fiction we can clearly and without a doubt show them otherwise. I agree they are being used, these fires make no sense at all

  3. The fires are only 5% controlled

  4. incredible. The fires are taking out just the HOMES!, just the homes , they are burning just the homes, jesus why do people not open their goddam eyes and notice this unbelievable travesty here, this is done with intent, this is crazy!

  5. this is hell on earth

  6. also, chemtrails in the skies over California for years have made the conditions for these fires to spread and not stop ideal. Its a combination of the Directed Energy Weapon technology that clearly here shows is past development and in use, plus geo engineering. FLoods, hurricanes tornados droughts, they control the weather and have an endless bag of tricks to utilize in order to push agenda 21


  8. Dave Acton is front line reporting taking over journalist position as they are all corrupted – he has never asked for a dime – he also has the experience of volunteer fireman, Ham Radio, and is prepped to the teeth – he has been warning people for years. The Tribe has taken his channel down and he has been tormented by The Tribe for exposing truth – he is a wealth of information, just like you/ He reports Mt Shasta area is difficult to breath last night. Looking for volunteer fireman right now and Ham Radio Operators. Shelter in Place implemented – now who is sorry for not prepping? Charlie, this entire plantation is now under Siege (Fullerton Informer) Prepare the best way you can. I appreciate your work – you have the best research – sterling! StoptheCrime.netNew – Deborah Tavares – her home in California was burned down – wonder if Nancy Pelosi's wine farm was damaged? Water Next: PDF Water Sector – they want our water People stock up on food – prices are going to hit the roof soon – real soon. Organic Alfalfa seeds and trays – lots of vitamins and minerals and can be grown indoors. Get your health in order now – get off the prescriptions.

  9. rumsfeld alluding that "practice makes perfect" yes use them on your own citizens before youi take them to the war fields. SICK

  10. Reality Check 123

    Great work man.
    Be careful with that aplanetruth guy though he often mixes great truth with lies/disinfo.

    I believe you sifted the great info out on this one though.

  11. JESUS verses the world

    The corrupt Government want you to know how evil they are. The directed energy weapons on the homes of the people is in preparation. When the protests get big and more people demand change, because of food shortages, price increases, more unpredictable weather, corrupt politicians etc….the people will embrace the One World Leader/Anti Christ with open arms….he will deceive the lot of you because you refuse to believe the truth….that Jesus Christ came to save the sinners.

  12. slipping freedoms

    "3:56" the logo behind him says it all

  13. slipping freedoms

    "4:28" what's with that globe

  14. Couple of trillion dollars missing from the Pentagon? Hmm spent on what? I wonder.

  15. Bullshit, They Lie!!

  16. Your government and top families fukin you up ! And you know and you dosnt give a crap! Chemtrailing you also ! Them whant you dead ! Reduce the population thats whats up

  17. Inventor Lee Wheelbarger

    Please show some proof of what you say.

  18. It's not a terrorist attack, its genocide simple

  19. And this was posted months ago… Wow

  20. Can I repost this video

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