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Data Science: Reality vs Expectations ($100k+ Starting Salary 2018)

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  1. The first step is the hardest (expand for more info)

    Skillshare is the Netflix of online courses. Subscribe for $15 per month and get access to 18,000+ courses (some courses are better than others).

    If you use my link, you'll get 2 months free meaning you can complete the whole data science course and cancel before your trial is over.

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  2. so its mean i don't need bechlor in data science or in cs

  3. At the second point he defines himself Data Scientist because in Facebook they are called in that way, but compared to what he explained his role can easily be defined as Data Analyst / Business Analyst not Data Scientist

  4. Thank you!!

  5. I'm so thankful I found your channel. I'm 47 and starting out fresh and know I have potential to do so much more then the job opportunities I'm finding. I have strong people skills and a keen insight to what is needed by then and for them. The course doe data science greatly interests me and I'm excited to see what other opportunities are available to me that I have not previously known about.

  6. I came from an EE Background(mainly controls and power ), graduated 4 years ago. Is that possible if I just study online at home and land a job as a data engineer without further formal education?

  7. I do statistics in Kenya ,how can I get into the US job market the rewards are so enticing!

  8. I am a commerce graduate..not a technical graduate..like CS or electronic and communication..so if I am a non technical..and that again not a regular bachelor degree..so what u think..can I get a job after doing any course

  9. See, in reality it's a bald asian guy, but you expect it to wear a snapback and headphones

  10. Omg this is incredible. Thank you soo so so much.

  11. great content but why am i slapped with 4 ads in a 11min video?

  12. i got data science course ad from udemy

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  14. you can't survive on 100k in silicon valley….

  15. Super helpful
    Btw whats the ending audio pretty catchy felt like I was playing retro game.

  16. 0:55 why put your shoes on the couch where people sit btw 🙁

  17. Can you please tell me what should i learn to be data scientist as i am from math background?

  18. William Weixin Zhang

    I used to think 100K+bouns a year is a looooooooooot ! Until I live in Bay area, alright, it is just normal.

  19. Quite insightful, thank you. However, for approaching a stable career in data analytics/sciences please do elaborate on "how to switch profiles for people coming from different backgrounds" and "how data sciences could pursue different profiles, such as – finance, economics, media and entertainment, etc.".

  20. i like how true he is!

  21. Dude deserves this salary. Actually more. I tried programming during college and it was absurdly tedious and annoying. I couldn’t sit through hours and hours of that shit in front of a computer.

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