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Could This Be The Legendary “Magic Bridge” Connecting India And Sri Lanka?

What on Earth? | Tuesdays 9p
Ancient Hindu lore in regards to the god Rama sheds mild on an unbelievable feat of historical engineering.
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  1. Sujeewa Dharmawardana


  2. Jai shree ram!

  3. Only one explanation! The Hindu gods… :3

  4. To being a Hindu I feel very good after watching this analysis , Yes our lord made this bridge by the help of his own supporting huge team at that time he had rescued goddess Sita from Ravana.
    I would love to watch more on this channel please do more research on it .
    And I believe this is beyond modern science .

  5. are dimag mat lagao…Bhagwan Ram ke naam ki mahima thi ye to…jaha science khatam hota hai waha se aadhyatma shuru hota hai…

  6. And…. Therefore….. Aliens

  7. We don't need world to recognise our marvels, we know who we are and how rich our past was…INDIA the birth place of Gods

  8. Its normol for hindu but nasa takin it on serious note

  9. Vinay Kumar Dubey

    The rock on top of the sand actually predates the sand as she said

  10. It's was our technology

  11. Nasa, we know this before you know.

  12. It's like Exodus of Jews

  13. Ocean sea level were a lot less 4000 years ago. So they would have had easier access then what we have now.

  14. The government is hiding a lot of shit yall meed to wake up and make them tell us

  15. Save our animals Save our planet

    Wait what’s Adams bridge then?

  16. Lol even researchers got mocked by our fake news everything is fake no Ram na sita we indians make hypothetical god because we don't have any other things to do lol fuck ram

  17. 2:16 that is a story called Ramayan in the Hindu region it is the exact pic and its a legend

  18. clean a rock and see if there are any carvings under…because if i’m not mistaken the army carved something under so that the rocks would float??!?…

  19. Everyone knows about it in India

  20. subhayan chakraborty

    Hinduism is the ultimate science Jai Shree Ram.

  21. We mean rocks glowing fo no reason?!?!? LIKE HOW?

  22. This is how the rocks came.

    They 7 years old but 2000 years old built by other people

  23. now check each sand bar/ stone will be written "JAY SHREE RAM

  24. jai sree ram

  25. Where can I find the full documentary on this?

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