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China’s Jet Engine Technology is Finally Now Around the Germany Level

Many Chinese researchers and engineers who had labored at GE, Pratt &Whitney and Rolls-Royce had returned to China and considerably larger the tempo of jet engine construction.

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  1. So essentially Chinese engineers are educated in Europe and America with Western knowledge, so if no Western technology, China wouldn't have anything ..oh, firecrackers and the great wall and buildings made out of mud bricks ,the West invents China emulates.

  2. Agreed China is always almost on par if not ahead.
    I call it state sponsored industrial espionage. That's the reason they are able to copy everything. Not to forget entrapment of influential people by Chinese spy tarts. The huge network of these industrial spies are firing on all cylinders 24 x7.

  3. And ppl wonder why i dont care for China. Thieves. Who loves a thief when you have someone who actually creates something? Be original dammit. Id love China if they actually were creative and brought entirely new works of engineering forth. Not copy the hard work of others and profit by it. Fuckers, god damn I hate them. Now where is my won ton soup?! God I love China.

  4. Anthony Mullen When you accuse China of theft or take credit for our country's hard work and efforts You obviously feeling very insecure and butthurt. Well the day your culture pays us back for inventing the following (list of inventions), you can go back to feeling self-righteous and smug until then learn humility (humility may be an alien concept for uncultured boors like you, but do try). The list inventions the West STOLE from China without paying royalties are: the compass, the oil rig, the irrigation pump, paper, silk, the deep water drill, the block print/Printing-Block for publishing documents, pasta, gunpowder, porcelain and modern pure ceramic technology, the tripod, TEA, and the latest THEFT: Statin Drugs for treating arteriosclerosis (your shithole pharmaceutical company Pfizer stole that Chinese medicine from our red yeast rice that has been used for centuries in China to treat heart disease. Then you a-holes banned importation (via your corrupt Congress taking lobbying money) of this Chinese medicine into the US because it would compete with Lipitor (because red yeast Rice is very cheap and your big pharma loves ripping off patriotic fools like you). The list goes on and on. There's a list just as big of inventions you stole from India too. I could go on but I'll show you some mercy.

  5. The Chinese are pulling the same stunt as the Japanese did after the war copying everybody's designs then making them cheaper through lower wages, they are slowly strangling the worlds manufacturers with there undercutting,the likes of Rolls Royce,GE and Boeing had better watch there backs because there heading your direction.


  7. Dnt put faith on chinise technology they only know to copy not to develop any thing individually..

  8. Brainless chinese even can't make a quality vehicle engine like japan and German how can they make a quality jet engine.
    Fuck you copy master chinese

  9. @Vasant Naik, when you say that China only knows how to copy, but cannot develop its own technology, you are being a fool. We have the best advanced cellular radio technology in the world, we have a very large r & d base.

    If you are stupid enough to think that we can only copy but cannot Develop technology, I hope you keep believing that.

  10. Have any dough or say on it…
    Garbsge prodcer & duplicates maker..
    First produce enough food for your starving innocent people then do any claim or we finish u

  11. Let's see who we can copy now.

  12. I often see China producing new invisible fighter and heavy-duty transport planes. Some comment: China's designed aircraft are similar to a certain aircraft. China must copy other countries' products, such as the United States. copy? Why so many countries in the world are not capable of copying?There is an old saying in China: yourself looks very ugly , but laugh at other people. Speaking of China's rubbish, your own country could built its own remarkable Invisible fighter,quantum communication satellites, nuclear fusion superconducting artificial sun, positive and negative Hadron Collider, space station, somatic cloning …by own power?
    The aircraft has always been two wings, your national aircraft can also be designed into a tank shape? Ridiculous!Similar shapes are used to enhance performance and no country does not draw on the advantages of other designs when developing products, avoiding shortcomings ,unless the country's designers have no brains.
    The real core is the internal software, I do not believe that as the world's first military power, a developing country could successed to steal technology.
    If only from the aerodynamic layout to determine the plagiarism, can only show that you are not a professional.

  13. Well Dragon Man I hope when the Chinese are taking your job you feel the same way,I buy a lot of goods from China and most of it is Shit but as you say people want stuff for nothing so I supply them because that's the way the world is today, if I want to export goods to China I have to pay 30-50 percent import tax, if I buy from China I pay 5 percent import tax where's the fairness in that so get your head out of your arse and wake up you muppet and by the way I never mentioned melting pot get your facts right before making stupid comments.

  14. HoHo,Chinese are certainly slightly delusional,
    First the best engines in Europe are Russian or American or their offshoots
    China is killing itself and it's PEOPLE,It's almost sad to watch to wich long that Regime goes in order to make China into a Superpower, wich it will newer be,The level of Polution is Catastrophic,The labor force of China is suffering catastrophically as well,
    Where Europe,Russoa,Amer8ca,Japan,S,Kore,Australia all protect their lands and use clean technology set by the EU,That's why major research in Green technology is also located there,Including Eter project,
    China presueas a Miniacal goal of becoming a major Power,It copies everything from everyone,It's almost like an Addiction,China wants latest discoveries and technologies,But are unwilling to do any reforms,No liberasations,No freedom of speech or anything,
    China is now addicted to technology and science rather than Opium,
    And Scientific method(wich came straight out of Christianity]…yet Religionn is illegal in China,


    Over stretched over estimated boast, which we all know is bullshit

  16. China emulates and improves….. in a few more years…. the reverse could be true…. China high-speed trains, mobile payments are already in forefront.

  17. To those who think china is great i give answer them.
    Petriotisum is nice thing but with nacked eyes not closed eyes.
    China wants each n every time expanssion its boundry.china have dispute with all hs neaboure countries.
    But we indian donts
    The question of coping u guys said they u have good brain n intelligence so u can copy esier i said we indian dnt need to copy in any things we r better in any things because we belive that we deliver d best creativy not copy.
    Another things u have misunderstand that china have strong militry n technology. It fine but we have supiriority then any one u also.
    One of your money state that we have dnt brain but u idiots can u imagin we r most realible trustworthy then any nation other nation u n ur adopted child pakistan no place in this chart.
    Chinise govt. Always try to looted pour tibetians but very soon china become divded in parts because u hink that only u r owner of tibet which u r goct lotetd in late 1959.
    Now the quetionof u r trade we distroy chinise dream of cepek on obor for full meaning aksed your froud govt.
    We want not only chinise people but whole world became stay happy. But we realise that u have going with fack pride ..
    If u have observation power then u must realise that we distroy ur garbafe trade in world wide. N stop u in doklam.
    Love to county is right of u its fine but just see how u r governing body create server issue to u and u r next generation.
    Hope u will vision to see it

  18. Rafidiniaina Francky

    One thing that most of us cannot fully digest yet; because we during our whole lifetime considered China as a copy country and educated to think so, is the fact that China is accelerating faster and faster it's technological development at a rate never seen in history. Forget about first or second industrial revolution, what we see happening in China is 10x bigger than what we saw in the japanese Meiji era or post-ww2 miracle in Japan/Germany, or british empire industrial and colonial expansion, or US rise to world domination, even bigger than all these combined.
    Like it or not, because that will imply some countries will be more and more fall under the domination of China, that's the trend right now and that will not stop anytime soon nor being reversed.
    They can't make jet engines equaling those US/EU/Russian today, but they surely will in the comming years. They can't design beautiful and reliable cars like germans today, but that's certain that's just a matter of time. They can't make precision tooling like the japanese today, but they will very soon.
    Why ? Because all their resources and political will from top to bottom are commited to attain these goals, from the communist party clique to the factory worker in Shenzen.
    You can say they oppress their people, their factory worker life is miserable or anything negative that can be said, he fact is that they don't care about all that because all these issues are issues raised through western lenses, not even relevant to them. So it's stupid to just diminish what they did with any words, the fact is that everything big and fast happens now in China and will happen faster and will be exported abroad for the next decades.

  19. EYS BitOfAll Media

    To progress no one needs to reinvent the wheel. It seems then that everyone is copying each other.

  20. All the negative feedback on China has been regurgitated enough times already lol
    When will these trolls use their tiny brains to think of something else !
    Jealousy and fear is the root of it !

  21. china will eventually create innovate best engine even the west or russian do not help them its already fone today rocket scientist Qian alreadi pass rhe knowledge to chinese scientists

  22. Not even close, Chinese and Russian can even complete with Indian when it come to jet engine design and manufacturing.

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