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Child Screams For Most of 8-Hour Long Flight

We’ve all been within the state of affairs of flying with a fussy kid or sitting subsequent to 1 on a aircraft. Just closing week this mother were given nationwide consideration when she was once kicked off a United Airlines flight as a result of her child was once crying. The Vancouver-bound aircraft sporting Canadian singer Sarah Blackwood and her son hadn’t even taken off when the difficulty started. Sarah admits little Sebastian was once screaming loudly.

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  1. If my kid acted like that on a flight he’d get an ass whooping or if he’s a teen I’d just flat out kick his ass and make him shut up

  2. That kid needs a snickers

  3. I would have slapped that baby in the face sorry if I offend any parents

  4. A screaming child and it's family can actually be kicked off because of the new code of departure rules.

  5. This kid was screaming long before the flight took off. I blame the airlines for not removing the child from the plane. Very unfair to the other passengers.

  6. 0:01
    childs program narrator: "here is were i ask , what would you do in this situation?"

    Me: Cloroform.

  7. Christopher Keller

    i wish i had never had that kid in my life

  8. If i was there i would kill myself or kill that child that is screaming reeeeeeeeeee

  9. Thats a devil right there

  10. My volume is 2 and it’s so loud then I put it on 1 still loud

  11. If I had a iPhone with WiFi I will give it to him

  12. I have autism and I don’t do this

  13. 1:30 you can also try a smith and Weston. This usually makes the baby stop

  14. This could be the opener to a condom commercial

  15. smh those parents really need to discipline their kids more

  16. Eskander van Dijk

    1:35 wen i have no wifi

  17. M.S. Photography MTL

    RIP headphones

  18. Play 0:01 a whole bunch of times

  19. Want to shut him up? USE FLEX TAPE

  20. l would of just smacked him rly and said stop right now even if it wasnt my kid

  21. I feel so sorry for the people's

  22. when you get arrested on jailbreak

  23. Is this how you train yourself to punch children? That sound can make any one want to
    A: kill themselves immediately
    B: Book another flight and take that one
    C: commit a crime and join the big boys themselves

  24. If that was me..I but will be as read as Donald trumps face

  25. Not take that rotten child anywhere.


  27. Shannon the inktoling girl

    If there was a child screaming in the same plane I was in than I would’ve jumped out the emergency door

  28. Billie Eilish Fan

    I would’ve smacked that child so hard he couldn’t breathe

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