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CHEAPEST Way to Charge Tesla Model 3?

Charging a Tesla Model three would possibly not be loose, but it surely does not have to be pricey both. Let’s discover some choices to see which is the most affordable. Don’t leave out those updates, subscribe at https://teslanomics.co/join

// First Charging Option – Your House

If you’ll’t set up a charger this would possibly not practice. In my analysis I discovered that my native electrical energy supplier provides particular discounted charges for EV house owners. Make positive to test along with your native energy corporate about this as neatly.

My charge throughout Super Off-Peak time = $zero.22

// Second Charging Option – Public Networks

Public networks like Chargepoint, EVGo, and Blink be offering more than a few charges relying at the space. Check out plugshare.com for information on choices close to you.

Another attention-grabbing possibility on this area is EV Match which pairs hosts with chargers with drivers. The economics do not all the time paintings however the comfort would possibly overrule a couple of cents in step with kWh.

Check out https://www.evmatch.com/ for choices close to you

My charge for public networks had been between $zero.25 – $zero.60

// Third Charging Option – Tesla Superchargers

Assuming there’s a Tesla Supercharger close to you this might really well be your only option. It’s going to be the quickest needless to say, and in lots of states/nations they provide a aggressive value.

Check out my video and map with those main points – https://teslanomics.co/tesla-supercharger-costs-visualized-no-more-free-lunch-but-how-much-will-it-really-cost/

My Tesla Supercharger Rate $zero.20

// Fourth Charging Option – Free Networks

As you could have guessed those alternatives don’t seem to be tremendous dependable as a result of how widespread they’re. The community I have noticed in SoCal is named Volta and when you fee they show an commercial.

// Fifth Charging Option – Home with Solar

The most cost-effective possibility I discovered in my research was once the usage of sun panels on my space. If you are looking to get Solar the website I used to assist make a decision is https://teslanomics.co/energysage

On EnergySage they let installers bid to your mission and provide you with a lovely dashboard breaking all of it down.

Check out my video breakdown in this right here – https://teslanomics.co/how-to-solar-getting-quotes-without-annoying-sales-calls-sustainable-family-plan-ep-1/

My Rate with Solar $zero.09

Let me know what your choices seem like and which you discovered to be the most productive within the feedback!

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  1. Why not use destination chargers? 37-38MPH and free! I've only had my Model 3 since July 3rd and I've used them tons. I go to a movie or run other errands, three hours or less to see a movie and I come out with almost another 120 miles of charge. So far used destination chargers in Kanab, UT, Cliff Dwellers Lodge, AZ, Hotels near Chandler Fashion Center. Usually always empty stalls except a few ICE'rs.

  2. What about Charging a Model 3 in Europe?

  3. It’s Tesla. Not Tezla.

  4. JAJohnjorden Falhallen

    is the Solar just for your car…or can u use it for the house as well??


  6. Thank you !!

  7. Anthony Striegel

    Nice Clickbait shirt!!

  8. Dang, off peak electricity here is 4.9 cents per kwh.

  9. We ordered our model 3 in December 2017 AWD, performance. still waiting but, we did just get a letter last week giving us free super charging for life. now we just need a car.

  10. Bonnie MacKinnon

    Wow! Charging education AND some nice guitar! Thanks, Ben!

  11. You could save a fortune by driving that piece of s*** into a f**** strip mine quarry

  12. I've already seen the cheapest way to charge a Model 3 or any EV. Plugging it into a free public charger. So why do I need a 10 minute video?

  13. were you playing a song from a korean drama ? !what's the name of the song?

  14. Anyone else notice the David dobrik x Liza Koshy merch

  15. Estevan Carrillo

    romance by mcr?

  16. Rip NSW Australia with 33c/kWh 🙁

  17. I thought the cheapest way to charge was to run an extension cord to your neighbors house….

  18. I put the small sheepskins (to sit on ) from IKEA on my new Tesla 3, they are only $29, and slide into back to hold….actually I went back and purchased another one, my bottom side is happy!

  19. I drive a Nissan Leaf and charge it at home using the standard charging cord pluged into a 120 outlet. Works great for me, because I charge the car at night while I am sleeping. Sometimes I can go 4 days without plugging in. My used Leaf gets anywhere from 60 to 80 miles per charge. The Leaf itself only cost me $7,000 dollars. For me, being able to plug in at home is one of the major plusses of owning an electric vehicle.

  20. Hey Ben. Is the free unlimited supercharging transferable to a replacement Model P3D if it gets totaled in an accident?

    I've seen 2 parked cars get totalled by idoits coming off the highway too fast. Let's not talk about drunk, and younger inexperienced drivers…

  21. I chose to use the charger that came with the Model 3. My garage is already wired with 100 amps available, so just added a dryer plug. My house has had solar for about 10 years. Now I'm considering adding Solar Wall, but not sure how much that can hold. will it be enough to charge the car?

  22. I run an extension cord to my neighbors house. Free!

  23. home charge but install your own solar. we can help you with the Electrical part in Austin area.. call CRsolar please find a home that has a good roof for solar power if your buying a house also.
    of course you show this at the end..

  24. I know the cheapest way…….. Don't by one of musk's pranks on suckers. Ones born every minute. 5 in mexifornia.

  25. The Vivas Family life

    I wonder if it’s possible to put solar on a townhome. I know they have some to warm up the pool naturally.

  26. $.24 kWh in Bend Oregon at a Tesla Supercharger

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