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CALLING The HACKERS iPHONE and Exploring Abandoned Mystery Evidence (YouTube Hacker FaceTime)

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After Vy Qwaint and Chad Wild Clay went EXPLORING TESLA with SPY GADGETS For Hidden HACKER EVIDENCE and FOUND MISSING iPHONE they CAUGHT HACKER SPYING ON THEM & DESTROYED AMAZON ALEXA with NINJA GADGETS. The telephone used to be lacking and deserted within the Tesla, a good chance for breaking into the iPhone to probe for proof and in finding clues to resolve and uncover who this particular person is. You Ninjas left feedback pronouncing the suspicious lie detector guy can have hidden a secret clue beneath the portray. We were given a FaceTime name from probably the most hackers who’s lacking and left in the back of their telephone. We downloaded a undercover agent app in actual lifestyles to trace the hacker like a monitoring instrument. It labored easiest! We concealed in the back of timber to flee with our ninja guns and undercover agent units by way of our aspect. Thank you for gazing my PG leisure circle of relatives pleasant comedy movies for youngsters in 2018!

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  1. What is up Ninjas!? Let's follow the YouTube Hacker home and see where he goes! Who do you think he is behind the mask?

  2. I am a hacker

  3. Do it

  4. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  5. The Hacker is wearing a share mearch shirt on the tv go back and look closely on the tv Chad and Vy

  6. I first fan

  7. I think it is another youtuber trying to hack u because there jealous of u being famous

  8. One of the hackers is Crater

  9. Hey umm when you sowed the hacker talking with the other hacker the hoodie that the hacker on the tv had a hoodie it was carter sharer murch

  10. When you looked at the TV it has the same figer on the stater he was Waring

  11. Chad and vy i have de maseke on my baisekel have you sin it

  12. The hacker was wearing share the love shirt

  13. zeke the mobile gamer

    In the last vid at the end it said project zargo

  14. zeke the mobile gamer

    It could be grace shear cos in Rebecca zamolos Chanel they did I lie detector test

  15. the hakcer was wiwring the share the love merch


  17. I mean PZ4

  18. There in your roof

  19. Why don't you just attack him

  20. The hacker on the tv is where a share the love jumper

  21. The project zorgo are trying to delete chad wild clay,vy qwaint and the sharers.

  22. the jumper that the hacker were is like the shares where

  23. it is him

  24. I think that the hacker is a sheared

  25. Hacker is lizzy shares

  26. when you showed us that clip it had Steven shares merch on him

  27. the hacker had a shear the love shirt

  28. Yes destroy that TV

  29. Bozena Kolodziejska

    Do jo want do 24awer in de kar

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