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Buying a $150 Phone – Alcatel 3V Review

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Are finances telephones in reality usable? We looked at the $150 Alcatel 3V to determine…

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  1. MariusS Catalin

    Of course you americans and canadians find other cheap phones crap but you all kiss Apples ass on every review. 😛

  2. "Is it worth buying a cheap $150 phone? Well it depends" -Linus2k18

  3. Eduardo Tepoxteca

    Welcome to the third world. Those phones are pretty common in my country, Mexico.

  4. "Mystery Dude"??? (@ 11:05)

  5. For good low-budget Android smartphones, you should really give Cubot a shot

  6. Haha how could you compare a 150 usd phone with a flagship?

  7. This could sell usd200 here

  8. This could sell usd200 here

  9. Second anniversary but it says 22 years?! Wtf.

  10. dont make me change my name

    I think Netflix is low res because the phone doesn't support Wildvine DRM out of the box. Same issue with my OnePlus 5T

  11. DEM ABS

  12. Bah, you should see the 50 € Android phone I bought in January. The brand name gives it away: "IT.works" – With lots of spamming / scamming software on board.

  13. Alcatel are a shite brand in my opinion. I sell phones and their updates sometimes just break phones and it takes them months to fix.

  14. I bought the Alcatel 5056i just out of shear necessity as they were only $99 aud and I was really surprised with how it runs and really it is quite a powerful phone for what it is.

  15. Linus Tech Tips Bought this phone for 150 got at least thousand dollar ad revenue

  16. Даниил Кириллов

    Piece of shit, dont try to sold us.

  17. His voice is very annoying

  18. No. … Dont do it.
    -an alcatel User

  19. Alexander William ZALESKI

    I admire and only use cheap smartphones. Blu & Huawei, are reliable. Great camera's on both brands. Plenty of storage for HD video and photos. And I've never had a problem with internet reception through WiFi. $600 plus dollars for a phone? People are truly outta their damn minds.

  20. doctor outstanding recession troop subsequent pitch scientific scenario analyze cluster airline

  21. Aleksey Malyshev

    I had some other model of Alcatel. It was twice as much, not bad, but with active use the battery lasted inly a few hours.

  22. try Nokia 7 plus am very serious!

  23. THIS phone has Oreo yet my LG G5 doesn't? Fuck sake.

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