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‘Bloomberg Technology’ Full Show (10/4/2018)

Oct.04 — The best day-to-day information program targeted solely on era, innovation and the way forward for trade from San Francisco.

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  1. Since this is a tech show. Could you guys show a picture of chip? Or the motherboard. Or at least tell us which motherboard, which chip, what’s the pin out.

  2. So did you in the end, finally ask, Danielle?

    Tune in tomorrow, on an all new Bloomberg technology to find out!

  3. Henri Frits maarseveen

    Long time ago the Germans did the same with dial-up modems they added a chip to these modems that could be use to spy , some hackers found this feature , but later was told that it was a mistake and not on purpose..(think it was used so west Germany could spy on east Germany, but this feature update was forgotten and build into system that where not shipped to east Germany )
    Think that leaded to banning some routers/modems to be be used by government agencies

    I think hardware hacking is still used by many countries also for crime fighting .
    So security people that don't know this need to be ready to get some hardware hacking skills .. or use government approved hardware and not buy stuff that is cheap or come from a counties that you don't trust

    It is now all about data , so keep it save ..

  4. American tech shows are being hacked by Chinese people,..just take a look at Emily Chang…she's on the Chinese side…

  5. Bloomberg Technology is not a tech show it's a Feminist GOSSIP show!!

  6. Please bring back Caroline

  7. Thanks for your work. Great episode.

  8. Holy shit, you guys make rumor, create story. Fake news! Is there anybody to show the Super Micro server, and show where is the chip instead of just talking?

  9. Unbelievable, in order to attack somebody, Chinese supply chain, government make dirty work, create story. Guys, show the evidence, instead of talking.

  10. Mission Possible

    This is so funny and unbelievable crazy bullshit. Today, all those boards of machines use robot to produce, without modifying robot’s program or software and changing the production line, the supply of the factory of Super Micro, it is impossible to put one chip on the computer board. The guys create this bullshit shall visit today’s manufacture plant, so they can easily understand how difficult to add some hardware without letting others to know it. It is not software.

  11. China hacking… attempt to sway tech back to America via supply chain / America is about to buy up Chinese companies

  12. Viky Vadeboncoeur

    DID you see a link between this come back to us with the augmentation of the taxs when they now import from china ?<

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