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‘Bloomberg Technology’ Full Show (10/17/2018)

Oct.17 — The most effective day by day information program targeted solely on generation, innovation and the way forward for industry from San Francisco.

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  1. Chang is a Fem-Nazi GOSSIP QUEEN. I wonder how much she gets for trashing Elon Musk and Tesla when she could be commending them on their great tech accomplishments!

  2. The Big Oil guys can't afford to let Tesla win easy, they are all out to keep their Oil economy going.

  3. Emily Chang, if you have five cents of dignity, please resign…

  4. I would like to see Emily Chang replaced by someone much nicer. Maybe someone who actually likes to talk about technology instead of feminist propaganda?

  5. Caught in a lie.
    In your concluding remarks on tesla you say that teslas factory in china will sidestep trumps tariffs. This is blatantly false. Building a factory in china will sidestep CHINA tariffs and open the door to massive sales to CHINESE. This is classic propaganda against trump and tesla… taking any event and twisting it to follow a constructed story.

  6. GO EMILY!!

  7. Please replace feminazi Chang with Caroline

  8. Cris Chapilliquen

    Helm sounds like Pogoplug and I used that service like a decade ago

  9. Why the hell was that last guest (CEO of SAP) using sunglasses???

  10. Add automatic subtitles or replace the host please.

  11. Wtf is going on with his show now? People talking about technology with guests that don't know much about technology just to fill air. There is a lot more going on in tech today other than Tesla ; FAANG etc. I'm starting to side with the trolls!!

  12. Netflix need not add comments in every language and for every culture. That's not their plan.

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