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Block Chain Technology Has No Uses? FAKE NEWS!

This tale about block chain generation having no makes use of has been going across the web so much in recent years via hedge fund managers and large pictures on Wall St who both hate Bitcoin, are brief Bitcoin or different crypto forex or ignored the boat https://hackernoon.com/ten-years-in-nobody-has-come-up-with-a-use-case-for-blockchain-ee98c180100

Mega German conglomerate company, Siemens, simply made an funding right into a block chain generation to lend a hand them enforce a wise grid http://amp.timeinc.net/fortune/2017/12/24/siemens-blockchain-lo3?

Jason Burack displays how this tale is FAKE NEWS in line with the numerous professionals in well being care, insurance coverage, banking, derivatives buying and selling, govt file preserving, and so on who offered on the Chamber of Digital Commerce’s (block chain generation industry affiliation) https://digitalchamber.org/ annual convention on the 2017 DC Block Chain Summit in DC https://digitalchamber.org/occasions/dc-summit-2017.html

Here’s unfastened YouTube movies of the entire keynote audio system, panels and speeches from the convention in March 2018 https://digitalchamber.org/video-gallery-dc-summit-2017/

There can also be some other DC Block Chain Summit Conference arising in March 2018 at Georgetown University.

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  1. Fake News for shure !

  2. I did have an inlaw formally from Google speak of quantum computing, and how it is the future, yet all I know is that blockchain is already being implemented for financial report data bases.

  3. you know what you librarians never seem to understand – the system is dishonest and the power players dont want the accountability and transparency the block chain offers – if you cant change the players – your not gonna change the game

  4. Sad fact the Articles right. All blockchain has done is become an untaxed medium for moving money around, as soon as there's a tax levied on it people would prefer Western Union or the banking system. I'm hoping it develops of use I hold erc20 tokens hoping that they will pay off when it develops to use but right now? no it doesn't have one.

  5. Shaking my head productions did a rather interesting blockchain video a couple days ago. There also is a 1996 NSA document outlining crypto currency. We didn't get to this fiat crisis without years of planning and implementation… it didn't just happen.

  6. All of a sudden just got 25 or so new dislikes in a matter of minutes! Must be my deranged stalker!

  7. Distributed ledger tech is absolutely going to be a big part of the future. But will it be blockchain, hyperledger or hashgraph? And will govts allow private monetary systems to exist on whichever DLT emerges? Those are the two most important questions in this space and both are too easily dismissed by the Bitcoin mafia.

  8. My first reaction to this vid was why do you bother everyone with half a brain knows that block chain technology has many uses. I only saw one 10min presentation about it and I understood it's worth no Wall Street idiot is going to convince me otherwise. Unless he explains him self using facts for his arguments why something isn't good but that's a different story

  9. CHAINS are not made for freedom!!!

  10. There is no such thing as transparent wealth.,..,you have nothing to hide if u have nothing to lose

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