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BlackBerry KEY2 – Intelligent Keyboard

The BlackBerry KEY2 has an all-new clever keyboard that provides even larger capability and customizability that actually units a BlackBerry smartphone excluding some other.

Bigger and higher than ever, the important thing top at the BlackBerry KEY2 has been higher through 20 p.c for a extra at ease and correct typing enjoy. With a brand new matte key end and be anxious design for optimized key spacing, it is a keyboard that lives as much as probably the most iconic BlackBerry keyboards. It additionally features a greater in-keyboard fingerprint sensor house for higher accuracy and a extra handy consumer enjoy, and the fabric has been progressed to provide progressed anti-scratch resistance.

And for the primary time in additional than 10 years, there’s a new key added to the BlackBerry keyboard with the addition of Speed Key, enabling shortcut get right of entry to to any app for your instrument at any time. The bodily keyboard continues the legacy of providing 52 customizable shortcuts for each and every letter key, whilst additionally supporting flick typing for sooner messaging the usage of predictive textual content that learns as you kind.

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  1. Fawad Bilgrami

    No sound…

  2. FroggoGamingHQ

    Intelligent keyboard? More like shitty keyboard, u could make it like blackberry priv

  3. Jaswinder Singh

    Always trust blackberry phones

  4. What about placing a trackpad like the one in the BlackBerry Bold, Curve, etc. And making it as a fingerprint sensor.

  5. Bilal Sabikhisma

    I hate how bb made their promo video

  6. Alessandro Ghini

    yes….but in italy how many time….for key2…

  7. Philippe van Heek

    I love Blackberry ! I have the Q10, Bold, Passport, Playbook ( Tablet) , Keyone i'm from ITALY ( im sorry my english is not good)

  8. How come T for whatsapp??

  9. ummm…where is the sound?

  10. ❤❣Blackberry ❣❤

  11. Zee-Al-Eid Ahmad Rana

    I love that keyboard

  12. Chạy HĐH BB thì tốt biết mấy

  13. A beauty, especially the silver version.

  14. Can’t wait to replace my key one

  15. Not a second without my blackberry

  16. Kwok-Wai Liu Lam

    Please, wanna know if there's Chinese Handwriting Input integrated?

  17. jeetendra kumar

    Pls make a prive 2 but a bit cheaper

  18. Felix Rubalcaba-Ducosquel

    When is it coming out on AT&T ? I am impressed with this phone and would love to have it now .

  19. When will it be available in India.

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    my facebook is: Emmah De Wilde

    I would like to see and contemplate everything.
    I from is argentina

  21. Is there a way to make the keyboard shortcut for copy and paste?

  22. venkata jayanth

    Superb mobile

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