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Bitcoin Bear market of 2018 seems to be shorter compared to the last one in 2014, while a huge flood in China might be responsible for hash-rate drop. Tezos launches beta net while AI leaps forward! Bitcoin price is what many people are watching, what is your opinion?


Floods in China create Havoc for Cryptocurrency Miners



Bill Gates: AI Beating Humans at Dota 2 Is a Huge Milestone for Technology

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  1. Smash the week. Good show today thanks.

  2. Workforce of robots, machinery, software, ai … should be taxed globally. The tax income could be used for everyone as a basic income. Let the machines work for us. Maybe a few people with a lot of money would not profit as much as before, but who cares, if they earn some millions more or less.

    What do you think?

  3. Shines Heavens

    This is it guys russian military have started blockchain research lab
    Now bitcoin will certainly see a great height which it hasn't so far there is even possibility it can reach 250k in near future im seeing that in 1 year.
    This is only the start and we as early bitcoin adopters will have the great reward..blockchain should be available for everyone so people can invest into new technologies.

  4. Cryptocurrency Hyperspace

    HODL Bro…

  5. Awesome comparison between Imperative and Functional programming, thank you Ivan! I am a JavaScript developer and love pulling functional techniques into my code to improve the reliability of the programs I write.

  6. AI and robots save money and that's all good but those technologies that produce products depend on people to buy those products and people that make more tend buy more.

  7. That AI and open ai and Dota staff is like two years old. Is this video a reupload from two years ago? Wth also you're completely out of your mind with minimum wages being a bad thing. It's k you look like a smart boy you'll grow up, but in the meantime stick with your cryptos and don't talk about politics to prevent being a bit ashamed when you'll be older and look at video like this

  8. Thought provoking. Great show Ivan!

  9. How do you not love this guy?!

  10. Ivan making enemies among employees. He loves Mondays 😉

  11. Ambitious Motion

    i drink fresh squeezed crypto market cap in the morning

  12. when u think about the billions and possibly trillions of money on the sideline waiting to invest, at the very WORST, we will hit the same all time high we did last Dec 2017. but if i were a betting man, i say we exceed the Dec 2017 high. Last year's market was driven up by mostly retail/personal investing, with very little institutional money. just imagine where the market can go once that injection of money comes in. on the regular stock market, institutional money accounts for 50% of the daily volume. imagine that: one day, when we are at $800 B MC again, $400 B of that volume is made up of institutional trading alone. what!!!

  13. Ivan, great energy on this episode! And yes drinking espresso in the morning!

  14. WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO LEARN ABOUT AUDIO PRODUCTION 101??????????????????? You are consistently blasting your audio. Its DIGITAL!!!! You dont have to max out the gain for crying out loud!!!!!! FIX IT ALREADY!!!!! Oh… and thanks for your quality content OTHER than the shitty sound production.

  15. Beware Skynet!

  16. Crypto doesn’t care about your feelings. Priceless.

  17. Well, it's 8am so of course I'm having an Irish coffee. Probably the only person in Ireland who still does that but hey. Wanna fight about it?!!

  18. I hope we'll get a Universal Basic Income soon. Also, not having a minimum wage will not slow down progress a lot. Automation will become cheaper than human labor and we should be prepared for this, sooner rather than later.

    Thanks for the continued contented Ivan!

  19. AI is advancing more rapidly than most people realize! I am still in a state of shock over AlphaGo as I have been a Go player for about 40 years and I really didn't think an AI would beat a human professional Go player in my lifetime, much less beat all of the best players in the world! I'm going to play Go at the American Go Congress in about 3 weeks and the whole Go community world-wide is still talking about it! The ramifications of AI advancing so rapidly are mind-blowing! And how this technology applies to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is something to watch carefully!

  20. One/Crypto/Revolutionary

    Looking at BTC from inception with log, it's only a correction. Think about that.
    I see between $2,800 to $4,200 before the next upward trend.
    Frankly, when BTC is over a million, people will look back and say: "WTF was I worried about?!"

  21. Love AI..you seen the documentary Alpha Go?!!! Netflix I think

  22. tezos moonbag

  23. Yup, humans making themselves obsolete. The poor likely be a food/cheap expendable labor source while those that are richer will have the ability to integrate themselves into this tech.

  24. good morning from Canada, i'm useing the bear for toilet paper

  25. Vodka and juice

  26. Wow! This was one of your best videos. Social implications of AI will be massive.

  27. Self employment is the way to go… Hustlers wont get hustled by AI.

  28. Alexander Esslinger

    Congratulations to all the lawyers generating income from the Tezos-lawsuits

  29. ParsecConsensusBeatsBlockchain

    I think you need more bearspray

  30. Zivana Vasiljevic

    Great video, as always! About AI, i agree, and disagree, at same time. Here is whay…. as always, people live in fear, and from that point of view, i can understand that they are scare about future, jobs, robots, AI… but here is my point of view… i think that this is great for all of us. Why? Yes, many people will lose they job, but at the same time, they will got a opportunity to finally do something what they love, to give best of themselves. If you step one step away, than may you can see a big picture….it's al about who, we are, why are we here, and what we need to do….it's called wake-up, or the evolution of human consciousness….all is conected, and everything makes sense…here's you for example… you don't drive a truck, nor do you work on a physically demanding job, and thanks God for that, becouse your purpose is that what you are doing. Maybe at the begining, you start only for catch some money with cryptos, but with every new day, doing that what you love, what fills you, you are become better person, you grow with every step in the right direction. I bet you have noticed how much you have changed from the beginning to the present…And now, all your love and passion, you give the people who is around you, who is watching your wideos….on that way, you live your purpose….so, yes, many people will lose their yob, but that will be the best what will happened to them, and whan thay will figured out that, and every person begins to live its purpos,this world will become much better place. In every segment of life. (Already it is butiful 😀 ) So…. i just wanna say…everything what's happening to us is just a matter of perspective….so, just be…that is all we need, and everything else will settle down. And one more thing for now…thank you for existing 🙂

  31. If you want some entertainment reading about Ai read/listen Dan Brown's Origin from Nov 2017 🙂

  32. Thanks, Ivan. Always so concise and analytical as usual. You're the Lambo of crypto Talking Heads. I've recommended your channel to several friends that just couldn't "get" blockchain and all it's nuance.

    However, statements such as "A minimum wage is essentially supporting A.I" is such an uncharacteristic over-simplification on your end. Maybe you were referring to a minimum living wage. In that case your comments make sense. If, on the other hand, you're speaking about a Minimum Working Wage, well..then fella I guess you've never had to work your ass off for $6 an hour while trying to raise/support a family or even feed and cloth yourself. It's pretty straightforward Cost of Living math. A.I. isn't going to start washing the dishes next week nor is it going to wipe down the desk your espresso is on. Chances are A.I. won't be able to suddenly empty your trash bin or any of the other 10,000 "uncomplicated" things that others do for us just to "get by". A minimum working wage on the other hand WILL allow those without the advantages you've had, live an honest life and benefit the "Community". Maybe have an immigrant kid or two that can, maybe, possibly hope to do what you do for a living.

    Probably best to stick to what you know Ivan. Leave the social issues to them that know.

    Just felt obligated to offer a bit of advice/guidance after hearing/taking so much of yours. You're still a mega sweetheart xoxoxo

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