Better Than Droid Admin! The easiest way to download all the apps you want to firestick & firetv without needing to know special codes or stores!

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For those of you that want all the best free apps for streaming on your amazon firestick or fire tv this is the best method to do it! This easy guide will show you how to add my page to tour downloader favourites and access all of the popular streaming apks! T his will allow you to fully load you device in a matter of minutes and doesnt require searching for any fire dl codes. Many videos will tell you that this is jailbreaking a fire tv stick but that is just a lie made up by sellers to sell them for me. Jailbreak refers to apple devices and the android equivalent is root. There is no need for any root or jailbreak of the firestick as it can install all third party streaming apks as standard.

It is becoming more and more important to protect yourself when streaming. This can easily be done using a VPN that stops your internet provider from being able to see what you are accessing online. It also removes any blocks put in place by your internet provider.
The 2 VPN’s that i personally recommend are IPvanish & NordVPN . Please see below for links to their websites.

IPVANISH: http://bit.ly/ipvanishdeal
NORD VPN: http://bit.ly/2AogKvP

The Top Tutorials Channel is dedicated to providing the best Tech Reviews & Easy to follow Tutorials.
Within my channel you will find plenty of kodi guides such as :

Kodi,Kodi 17.6, Kodi 18, Kodi Forks, Step by step set up guides, the best kodi addon guides, the best kodi build guides, best movie addons for kodi,best tv show addons for kodi,best live tv addons & best live sport addons.

As well as kodi addons we also show plenty of Android Apps (APKs) And you can expect to find guides such as:

Movie APKs,TV Show APKS,Live TV Apks, Live Sport APKs, Retro game emulator apks,Android Launcher Apks & other apps including gaming.

We also create tech reviews and look at the latest products to give you guys an idea of what to expect and how they perform. We always give a fair review and will tell you the good & the bad as well as if we think you should purchase it.

If you have any requests for any reviews or tutorials please don’t hesitate to comment in the comments section and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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  1. Where do you go to delete the app installers when they're no longer needed?

  2. Antonio Gonzalez

    Can we install in android box?

  3. Michael Mcmullen

    brilliant tt thanks

  4. Niiiiice! Thanks!

  5. Hi TT hope your speech went well along with the weekend and you enjoyed the break respect as always Dave from Liverpool uk YNWA LFC

  6. Hi TT I had great faith in you well done mate respect as always Dave from Liverpool uk YNWA LFC

  7. First Droid Admin is stupid as is FireDL. It is just like going to a site as above and installing from there. I have a site too if you'd like. A way more efficient way is to create an app folder on a PC and use ADB Link. click on the program, click install apps, click on your created folder, click on all, click ok, click yes. Done. Nothing is downloaded. No wasted precious space, no click on Install a few dozen times. 15 minutes and I installed over 30 apps, including three different Kodis.

  8. The word "rather" wouldn't exist without having more than one option. Just want to give credit where it's due to guys like TT and everyone who provide tutorials, develop APKS/programs, and take the time to help the community. Nothing wrong with promoting your efforts, TT. Thanks for everything you're doing!

  9. Bianca Brignoni

    One found a good app for kids shows and movies ?

  10. Christopher Arvin

    Should have 6.2 update ad free

  11. Christopher Arvin

    Tea tv

  12. My fire TV Stick doesn't have the magnifying glass option. How do I get this?

  13. do you have this addon for android to install?

  14. Droid admin is not gone – it’s just called fire linked – install through downloader on fire products http://www.droidamin.com and through browser for other android devices

  15. I downvoted your video because of your ads.
    It's time to teach YouTube.
    All of us will start downvoting all videos on YouTube that uses ads.
    To teach YouTube and to teach channels like yours.
    Stand with us and stop using ads or stand with youtube and get a shitty channel rating

  16. Alessandro Squeo

    Very Nice dude!

  17. I'm sorry you the channel has to suffer with YouTube but we the users have to start doing this to bring back a free internet.
    If your not with us your against us.
    If your not with us your with them.
    You might as well get a job with Comcast blocking sites from users because you act like your with them not us.

  18. im getting the page is no longer available

  19. Address no longer works. It says "this page us no longer available. Apologies for any inconvenience caused"

  20. Josh Blankenship

    Not even half of the apps you show on your video will show up when I go to the link provided. All of the streaming apps are missing. What’s the deal?

  21. Do you have a code for STREaM? I heard that's an easy way to play the old gaming systems on your firestick… I'm having a hard time with Retroarch, and my computer not adding files or something.. And happy chick aftr I install it, most of the words are in Japanese! Help!! Lol..

  22. Dr.Shelley Lowman

    all of these apps do not pop up for me, I just get media players with a bunch of kodi apps?

  23. Brandon Heselton

    Does not show anything but VPN and Kodi options

  24. Hi did you remove movie & streaming apps from your site? They're not on there I just checked.

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