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BEST JEANS FOR YOUR BUTT | Scientific Jean Review ft. Fashion Nova, Topshop, Levis, Fit Jeans

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What’s up What’s up! FINALLY we are getting this video up! Ahhh I am so so so excited to be sharing this with you. You requested for it, so as of late I am breaking down the science at the back of which denims will make your booty glance absolute best PLUS reviewing one of the crucial maximum hyped denims on Instagram / YouTube. I’m hoping you really liked this rather other spin on my standard science. If you would like to look a legging video like this or apply up with extra denims, let me know within the feedback segment under!


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  1. yes please do a review on workout leggings!

  2. Naturally High

    Great work as per usual!!! I think the yoke and pocket size/position are also important. Would love to see more jean reviews. What do you think of Topshop’s Jamie jeans?

  3. This is such a great video! All YouTubers are taking about leggings but never jeans. This is so helpful! All women need a flattering pair of jeans 🙂

  4. Science yesss <3 recently subbed and I'm glad I did 😀

  5. You just changed the jeans game for everyone. Thank you!!!!!

  6. The only person I know of that can explain the science behind jeans and how they are built to compliment your body LOL

  7. Old Navy Rockstar Skinny jeans are also so comfy! Not the jeggings though. Also, how is it that we don't live next door to one another??? LOL. Loved the science and textile geeking (from an avid knitter).

  8. Laurissa Sweetten

    Freddy Jeans!!

  9. sweet beautiful orbs

    prior to your breast augmentation, did you hear about Breast Implant Illness?
    i’m curious on your thoughts on it & if it changed your views on getting a BA
    Thanks 🙂

  10. Aissatou Diallo

    Really enjoyed this video! A bit different from the usual haul all YouTubers do!!

  11. Please dont do a vacuum while the try on clips we cant see how the jeans actually look like when unposed

  12. YES legging review PLEASE!!

  13. Kelsey Limbaugh

    As a materials engineer with a concentration in polymers, I approve this video.

  14. My fav jeans will always be the Topshop Jamie jeans, they fit really nicely, aren't too highwaisted like the Joni jeans and also have a thicker waistband. Overall much more flattering on the lower belly and booty.

  15. I really wish you showed the jeans as you were talking about them 🙁

  16. Holly Michelle

    i'm 5'2", but my torso is long and my legs are short. so those super high waisted jeans are made for me if youre wondering haha

  17. The most popular Fashion Nova jeans (Super High Waist Denim Skinnies) actually make your butt look way better than the Glistening Jeans. I have both and literally my butt is wayyyy more lifted with the other ones. You should try those instead, they're amazing. I rarely wear the Glistening Jeans

  18. I'm new here, so I apologize if you've done this already. But I would love to see a review of your favorite workout gear (from sports bras that don't emphasize armpit fat to bottoms that aren't see through and don't suffocate your butt)! Great content, I can't wait to binge all of your videos 🙂

  19. I love how you do research for everything!

  20. Love the review, but i don't understand how the "levi's mile high" fitted you? mine fit me almost over the belly button :p

  21. This was so helpful, thanks Abby! Always had so much trouble finding jeans with a 5'3 height paired with a big butt and big thighs. Yes to a leggings video pleaseee (and also one for jeans that make your legs look longer)!

  22. shillows and poohs

    the jeans video I've always wanted

  23. Next time you should show the jeans while you’re explaining how goood or bad it is because then we can see what you’re talking about throughout rather than before hand

  24. What look are you after?

  25. WOW! just tried to show my friend your instagram and you blocked me!!! That sucks, but I guess thats for the best cause i was using your new body as thinspo

  26. I wish FashionNova came out with a line that’s better quality. I love their cut, but the fabrics tend to feel cheap and scratchy.

  27. You have a beautiful body but those jeans don’t give you much form. I like the coke Bottle effect hahaha. With your body and the right pants you could really accomplish that. The pants I have will make you gasp when you try them!!! Seriously!! I can show you a huge difference from before and after. Most people refuse to believe it’s the same person but it is. Contact me if you interested. Klaudiaboza@gmail.com

  28. Lauren Steffler

    You should check out H&M's jeans as well!! I have good luck and bad luck there, so that might be a good place to go next 🙂

  29. You should definitely do another jean review video! Maybe keep the fashion nova jeans in the video to compare to other brands, since they had a near perfect score. I would love to see Good American jeans in a review! They have different styles specifically for enhancing certain areas of your body!

  30. https://www.liveabout.com/eco-friendly-denim-lines-for-your-closet-2040452
    Please buy environmentally friendly fabrics -They're comfy too! ^_^

  31. Shannon Gallien

    Great video!!! I mostly always wear jeggings..,now I can't wait to buy some new jeans!! Thanks for making this video! 🙂

  32. These aren't Mile High Levi's, they are levi's 711, the mile high is named after the very high rise it has, and it is actually the stretchiest jeans this brand carries. Levi's are worth it in my opinion, so I suggest you buy actual Mile high levi's.

  33. cony cortes cony

    colombian jeans ☝️

  34. Yes we were waiting patiently for this! Haha. Even more thorough review than expected <3 but would love to see more jeans as they vary so much. I agree with you on the Joni jeans, they can really dig in to the stomach as well and cause tummy aches when warn all day or sat down/travelling and meals. I find mid rise to be best, high rise can look too try hard/deliberate in my opinion, not to mention more uncomfortable!

  35. yes! a legging science video thing pls!! also how abt a 'what i would recommend to work out in'? p.s. loved this one soo much! good work, abby!

  36. To answer your question about who wants the super high waist: I have a really long torso/high waist, so most "high waisted" pants look mid rise on me lol. When I find a pair that's actually high waisted on me, I'm very excited. So I think I'll be checking out those topshop jeans!

  37. Adrienne ThatsMe

    Id never heard of Fashion Nova and now I spent $100 on jeans thanks to this video! You should be sponsored by them/getting a cut of the sales!

  38. Teresa Bruneau

    Did you notice the back pockets relative to the middle seam is off in the top shop jeans? It looks like they made the jeans incorrectly, or like two pairs of jeans sewn together.

  39. Eu sou a Marela

    jeans need time to adapt to your body

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