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We used the Mini 14 today after we dropped into Pochinki – and it’s amazing!

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  1. Powerbang Gaming

    This was a weird game but the end was fun! RIP to the guy in the Jeep :/

  2. whats application you use for screen recording

  3. Terra Strike798

    You didnt pick up the lvl 3 armor a the start!

  4. Is Mini14 Assault Rifle or Sniper Rifle?

  5. Help. How to peak out from behind of the wall? Ik those buttons are there for it but I DON'T HAVE THOSE BUTTONS! HELP HELP HELP. PLEASE TELL ME.

  6. mini 14 is a total shit – single fire fuck !!!!!!!!!!!1

  7. the first guy u killed had a lvl 3 vest..u missed it

  8. Is it just me or is school in pubg so popular I dunno why It might be FUTURE TITLED TOWERS LEARN MORE LAMO

  9. PaulMarcus16 Valdez

    Do u have a twitch acc if not u should really stream pubg mobile.

  10. for sheet

  11. good 12 kills

  12. Frederick Inson

    The recoil does not matter

  13. Anotha chicken dinna

  14. Nicky Lalrinawma

    What mobile do you use for playing PUBG

  15. Javan Farquharson

    lol cool win

  16. Im a fairly new fan here from Florida. Great tips and nice quality vids, thanks for sharing!

  17. m24 is better than mini14

  18. I want to win

  19. You better be on highest graphics and frames

  20. geeyhan arcena

    Why jumping on general area dude?

  21. I hate using mini 14 on 8x and 4x but best if use in long range when taking my time

  22. Scar is the best for me. Dominat with a scar.

  23. Bro i need like on my comments i comment on u r too much videos plezzzz bro i'm u r big fan

  24. My top 5 favourite guns:1)Groza
    3)AUG A3

  25. Geometry Goldfish

    I like scar and mini 14

  26. Low on Morphine

    Amazing win right there PB! In my opinion the SKS is the best gun, does a but more damage but similar to the mini14

  27. Na bro.A fully equipped sks will destroy mini 14 any day

  28. superb video man add me friend i am level33

  29. are u playing on pc or mobile?


    I never got a kill with this shit

  31. Why did u leave m24?

  32. Powerbang do you stream on twitch

  33. Parth Deshpande

    I stopped trying for the giveaway anyways luv u bruh best pubg mobile player I have seen

  34. U r best PB
    IGN : RoachSMJ

  35. Good at the last

  36. Lol I got a fortnight commercial right in the middle of this

  37. Can you help me choosing my weapon combo? I want to use ump all the time, but is it good against the assult riffles. Everytime I saw a assult riffles, I feel like ditching ump.

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