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Best Black Friday Deals 2018

Best Black Friday Deals 2018
✔Amazon Black Friday Deals Page – https://amzn.to/2FaDBxF
✔Best Buy Black Friday Deals – https://tinyurl.com/y8wdavnz
✔Target Black Friday Deals Page – https://tinyurl.com/y8lj78bh

⭐Live Black Friday Deals (Updated via the minute) – https://amzn.to/2qLbQ4I

✓iPhone/Samsung Deal – https://tinyurl.com/yd8uod87

✓PS4 Deal – https://bestblackfriday.com/ads/target-black-friday

✓Xbox One Deal – https://bestblackfriday.com/deal/143385

✓Amazon Echo Show – https://tinyurl.com/yd6lx4gv

✓Google Home Hub – https://tinyurl.com/yd45t4jh

✓Jaybird X3 – https://tinyurl.com/ybrf8oas

✓Beats Studio3 Wireless – https://bestblackfriday.com/ads/kohls-black-friday/page-2#ad_view

✓Sony 1000XM2 – https://tinyurl.com/yabr857n

✓Sharp 55-Inch – https://tinyurl.com/y9ghp6ms

✓ https://bestblackfriday.com/ads/target-black-friday

✓Microsoft Surface Pro 6 – https://tinyurl.com/y83gmcff

✓Canon EOS Rebel T6 – https://bestblackfriday.com/deal/143386

✓Canon 80D – https://tinyurl.com/ybtq67sg

✓Canon G7X – https://tinyurl.com/ybtq67sg

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  1. Best Black Friday Deals 2018
    ✔Amazon Black Friday Deals Page – https://amzn.to/2FaDBxF
    ✔Best Buy Black Friday Deals – https://tinyurl.com/y8wdavnz
    ✔Target Black Friday Deals Page – https://tinyurl.com/y8lj78bh
    ⭐Live Black Friday Deals (Updated by the minute) – https://amzn.to/2qLbQ4I

  2. Is vbucks going to be cheap

  3. No PS4 Pro ?

  4. I'm hoping there's an actual good switch deal for black Friday

  5. Can you do Nikon Cameras?

  6. battlelands royale first gameplay vid

    I'm so hype for the ps4 gettin dat do sho

  7. I’m just waiting to get an intel i7 on sale for my pc

  8. I can't get a deal on anything without the checkout employee thinking I'm trying to scam them.

  9. Gaming with Murder!

    O nee

  10. Don't fall for the surface pro it's not the i7 nor i5
    It's not the surface pro 6

  11. Minoxidil Beard and hair products

    Is it true that early deals start this Sunday?

  12. DRΨGΩΠΣS [ßÆ]

    80%? I thought it was 37%?

  13. Please upload the Apple one. I’m considering on buying the iPhone XR 128GB but I don’t want to spend almost 1000$ on it (even tho it’s $800, but plus tax)

  14. 200$ for a PS4, I hope that I can get one.

  15. Click BAIT NPC

  16. Bloody ad comes 1st
    So dislike every time when ever ad comes on 1st


  18. Buy spotify premium for family it is 15 dollars and you get a 100 percent free google home, and you can cancel your subscription any time. Dont buy the google home on sale.

  19. That 43 inch tv is MINE I will run all y’all kids over for it at Best Buy

  20. about to buy the 1000m3 and the m2 gonna be on sale for $199. Wtf LOL. what am I supposed to do right now ??


    pulls out 9 dollars

  22. I’m doing it online, because I don’t want to die from some crazy ass wanting a TV before me

  23. Can't wait to get trampled

  24. You owe me 6:27 of my life back!

  25. So many of the comments are so true. There are deals available, but if you take circulars and research them by following them, like clothing, high end tv's, etc, it's all hype, because I noticed certain clothing less expensive for Easter time by high end retailers, and around New Years to Super Bowl Sunday for great deals on tech like high end tv's, and other tech

  26. Anyone know how the Walmart iphone Xr deal works? Do I buy the phone at walmart and get the gift card at ATT when they activate it? The fine print says it's also for "qualified" purchases and you have to sign up for ATT Next? I just want to buy the phone outright and pocket the $300 gift card. Can I do that?

  27. Who else goes window shopping on Black Friday?

  28. In Walmart there is $400 off iPhone x

  29. R earpods going for sale?

  30. informative and detailed review about Best Black Friday Deals 2018and it sounds interesting upon watching this video,thanks for sharing it

  31. Can you research if they have the LG v40 on sale

  32. Thought black Friday was in December ?


  34. Βαγγέλης Σπέντζος

    Those sites aren't for EU tho

  35. Nintendo switch

  36. Where is the best place to get Apple Watch 4?

  37. Black Friday is a race to the bottom. And so is Small business Saturday and Cyber Tuesday. And this race to the bottom is horrible for Small Retailers. These big box stores should be charged with unfair business practices and price fixing and fined and imprisoned. But they won't be. As a small retailer my sales go off a cliff on these supposed "Sale Days". We need to level the playing field.

  38. TatsuEmerald Morton

    Ok, so you post this video about how you're going to talk about black Friday deals in separate videos [thanks for the waist of time…] and then a video about the apple deals.
    I dont see a video for the other videos…

  39. I like Black Friday, I sit at home and wait for the news on how many morons got trampled for a klondike bar. It's madness, almost as good as the Roman Coliseum in the good old days.

  40. I want the base razer blade 15 to get a fair discount, I want it so badly but I dont have enough money.

  41. All I want is my PS4 and my phone after I’m leaving and going home. Not like these dumbass people who run in and step over people like fuckig chaos. Hate all those people

  42. Have mixed feelings on how I should feel on the fact that my super old 46" LCD TV that cost nearly $2k when I bought it new still is chugging in while there are TVs that are better, bigger and for easily a fifth of that cost.

  43. I heard the time to buy TVs is 2 weeks before Super Bowl

  44. Does anyone know if Panasonic Lumix G7 Mirrorless Camera 4k gonna be on sale?
    It currently 497$

  45. Premium Highlights

    The Ps4 Slim and Xbox One S (with games and controllers) are going to be $200 at Kohls but you also get $60 back in Kohls cash (so basically you are only paying $140 in total)

  46. Stop recommending garbage TVs man

  47. I found the iPhone X for 999$ but you get a 400$ coupon

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