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Baldi’s HIDDEN ENDING, Explained! (Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning Theory – NEW Update!)

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Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning had a up to date replace that added a brand new persona – 1st Prize – and a number of new pieces. But there was once a brand new finishing hidden in the sport as neatly… Something odd and mysterious this is onerous to know in the beginning. However, in as of late’s concept we will be breaking down what the finishing in reality method – and it could be other than you assume!


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“Ossuary four – Animate” “Phantom from Space” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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  1. there is a next Question to solve. Why is there just one student in the game?

  2. It's my birthday

  3. Filename2 I think he's called

  4. Okay I'm new here

  5. Stephanie Burdick

    What a strange, Gaster-like ending.

  6. So, is he even the real Baldi or he's just kidnapped?

  7. Captain Sherlock Kiel

    Oh god I'm telling Mark.

  8. It's probably a parody of bad creepypastas

  9. What about the coordinates?

  10. I don’t know why people keep theorizing about the story of this game when it already says it in how to play

  11. What Happens If You Play It Again

  12. Random Csatorna


  13. shut up boldih

  14. I think it is a lure

  15. *Lazyyp0tatoes_ MC*

    its the game telling you to stop before the BBEAL Fandom comes

    (this is a joke don't take it seriously)


  17. So, here's my theory…

    I believe the backstory is actually one of a corrupt behavioral institution, like Provo Canyon School. These are institutes where children are sent because they're considered delinquent, and they're well-known for some pretty intense accusations of abuse, and even illegal experimentation. I believe you play a child who escaped that facility, who was originally sent there to overcome an eating disorder. After witnessing the abuse, they intended to escape with evidence of it, but they couldn't take the files with them, because they were almost caught with it. They told you about the situation, but because of the extremely abusive and traumatizing "behavior modification" techniques used at the school, they couldn't express themselves with an appropriate level of intensity; instead of telling you that they left files behind at the school that would prove the staff were abusive and conducting illegal experiments, they told you that they had to go Home for "eating practice", and you have to go get their seven notebooks from the school. "Baldi" is the head therapist, and with the lack of government funding, he's taking every advantage that he can. The "principal" is actually the head of the school, so emasculated by the other members of the administrative board that he can only murmur about the school rules. You're taken prisoner, and while your parents are trying their best to find you, you're subjected to the tortures of that institution. As a new method of behavior modification, they intend to test a virtual reality program on yourself and other students. The program has some glitches in it and is made with a sort of low quality, but it's supposed to be sufficient to teach children to follow rules, focus, accept what authorities tell them, and that actions always have consequences. As children learn how to exploit the glitches in the game, they learn instead about how information is processed and expressed, and how that can be exploited to distort, and even destroy the sum of the parts. Children successfully exiting the simulation learn to see the real world in terms of information expression and transference, and they use this to eventually destroy not just the facility, but society itself

  18. Awesomedog364 AJ

    I just subscribed, this channel is awesome!

  19. Homura with Cats

    There is a code in the title screen

  20. İts filename2

  21. Say a if u heard snip first prize whires and say b if u heard SNIFF first prize whires

  22. Baldi's Basics always reminded me of Sonic's Schoolhouse, but with nothing to hide 🙂

  23. It's a meme game so it's nothing to overthink

  24. Sonatathesunwings arts

    i think it was a game made to freak out theroists XD

  25. I knew that baldi was evil

  26. I think file name is joey the red color if baldi bus

  27. Sam the Shapeshifter


  28. There this other ending thats unexplained but theres like a 1 in 22 chance (probaly) that you get a death screen with 2 eyes looking at you and they get bigfer and make a weird sound it creepier if you play it the lowest quality possible

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