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Asus ROG Phone hands-on review: Razer phone 2.0

The Asus ROG Phone is here – exploding the smartphone and putting it back together with gaming at its RGB lit heart. This phone packs a 6-inch AMOLED screen clocking in at 2K resolution. Speaking of clocking, the Snapdragon 845 is overclocked, meaning that not only is this phone powerful, it’s the most powerful smartphone on the market – according to Asus. It also features not one, but two USB-C ports, one for regular charging, the other for accessories and for charging it while playing in portrait orientation.

With 8GB Ram and up to 512GB internal storage, this thing is going to be a demon, burning through all your games and giving you tons of room to store them, but it shouldn’t get too hot thanks to a couple of cooling measures. For starters, the ROG Phone ships with a cooling mechanism in the box. It’s also got a 3D vapour chamber inside and, the charger sports a smart temperature managed charging system.

For more on the ROG, watch our hands-on video and check out TechRadar.com

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  1. Jeremy Mercado


  2. rubik's cube MASTƏR101

    ROG vs Razer vs BlackShark vs Red Magic
    Battle of Gaming Phones

  3. This is not the fucking razer phone retards. Gees.

  4. why not just make a handheld device ppl already have a phone i have like 5 and ppl are going to be forced to buy all these accessories good idea just wish it was a regular handheld instead of a phone why compete with apple,etc when u can be in a market where theres not many handhelds.

  5. price?

  6. Heruik Gamer YT

    Console peasants everywhere

  7. This is not even close to be Razer Phone
    This is better

    As a prototype

  8. Power Overwhelming

  9. Christian Zamoranos

    ah uh ji gaming phone awrayt

  10. Haha so choppy gameplay, not smooth unlike Nintendo Switch…you can't compete with the Switch

  11. how much does it cost?

  12. Nah, sticking with psvita.

  13. When and where can we buy it..

  14. Well that shouldn't cost a lot right?

  15. We want power, in our hands.

  16. So sad the Asphalt 8 didn't run on 90fps.

  17. Basically just make ps vita that can make calls and you got a mobile gaming device?

  18. Is this phone even coming to the United States? Trump will probably block it unless he gets a cut.

  19. Have 3D Touch?

  20. What does this have to do with a Razer Phone 2.0? I didn't see anything about one

  21. When Razer create a phone,then now many PC game company tried to create phone better than Razer.

  22. Christone Hades Gasang

    Mag kano ba talagh to?

  23. it is really appealing…i love the specifications

  24. ThisIs MyChannel

    Emulators will do to this mobile

  25. The Infant Finite

    Best ASUS Phone Of All Time.

  26. what part of this is from Razor? Much less ''Razer phone 2.0''???
    This is a ROG Phone 1.0.

  27. Asus epic comeback

  28. Louis rodriguez

    I would love this

  29. after my Zenfone 2 and Zenpad battery problems I swore not to trust Asus again. I reserve judgment on their pc line but that's it. Besides Android games are always the problem, they are just not very good. I owe a small gamepad for gaming on Android but I cannot find a decent game, compared to a home console or even the Switch. Android games are just too basic. The Rog phone looks cool enough but I bet it won't be cheap.

  30. The back of the phone already looks better than the glass slabs we have now

  31. Mr. Sprigganls


  32. James Keith Tampus

    Wow! This phone is so powerful, it can able run asphalt 8!? Impressive!

  33. James Keith Tampus

    RIP Switch!

  34. Simplified : It's a plus minus if you want butter smothness display but with less brightness display Razer Phone is your pick , if you want more vivid and faster cooling system ROG Phone is you pick. If you replied but what about the CPU and GPU Processor
    Really Those processor is like the 90hz and 120hz you need to look closely to see the difference

  35. LA7 productions

    Diego Costa retired

  36. Speakers?

  37. Would've been much better if it was a tablet running a tegra xavier or a tegra orin.

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