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Arbtr wants to create an anti-feed where users can only share one thing at a time – TechCrunch

At a time when the fashions of conventional social networks are being wondered, it’s extra necessary than ever to experiment with choices. Arbtr is a proposed social community that limits users to sharing a unmarried thing at any given time, encouraging “ruthless self-editing” and fending off “nasty things” like unending feeds full of trivial rubbish.

It’s seeking funds on Kickstarter and may use a dollar or two. I plan to.

Now, I do know what you’re considering. “Why would I give money to maybe join a social network eventually that might not have any of my friends on it on it? That is, if it ever even exists?” Great query.

The resolution is: how else do you suppose we’re going to exchange Facebook? Someone with a good, other thought has to come alongside and we’ve to reinforce them. If we gained’t spare the price of a cup of espresso for a objective like that, then we deserve the social networks we’ve were given. (And if I’m truthful, I’ve had very equivalent concepts over the previous few years and I’m keen to see how they may play out in truth.)

The elementary characteristic is, in fact, the single-sharing thing. You can only blow their own horns one merchandise at a time, and whilst you put up a new one, the outdated one (and any dialogue, likes, and so forth) can be deleted. There can be choices to stay logs of these items, and possibly top rate options to get admission to them (or possibly metrics), however the elementary proposal is, I feel, reasonably sound — at the very least, price attempting.

Some design concepts for the app. I just like the textual content one however it does want thumbnails.

If you’re sharing much less, as Arbtr insists you’ll, then possibly you’ll put extra love at the back of the ones stuff you do share. Wouldn’t that be great?

We’re on this mess as a result of we purchased wholesale the concept that the extra you share, the extra hooked up you’re. Now that we’ve discovered that isn’t the case – and actually we have been in impact being fattened for a perpetual slaughter — I don’t see why we shouldn’t take a look at one thing else.

Will it’s Arbtr? I don’t know. Probably now not, however we’ve were given a lot to achieve through giving concepts like this a shot.

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