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Alcatel Go Flip T Mobile phone Quick Review II – Skywind007

This is my overview of the Alcatel Go turn phone from T cell. This is a brilliant phone however has a large problem: it has a 2MP digital camera and not using a flash. Everything else is excellent about it. The best possible factor about it’s that it has WIFI connectivity, which is unusual on a fundamental phone. This is actually the primary non android phone that I’ve that has this capacity.

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  1. This is my new Alcatel Go Flip that I bought from the T-mobile store at the mall.

  2. Anti prankshup laber r

    do iphoneX

  3. i cannot find how to change the ringtone could I get a visual video?

  4. How do I delete my call log?

  5. This flip phone has wifi

  6. "Quick Review", вы смеетесь? 28минут… к концу просмотра он устареет.

  7. 'latam' means Latin America Spanish which is the most common vs old school Castilian Spanish which is spoken only in Spain.

  8. The music sounds really good on that phone. I'm still on a 7 year old motorola which is only 2g which is being phased out so I might upgrade to this.

  9. The camera is my teen years age of growing up with… Flip phones are the best! But I wouldn't use as a primary… Unless the camera upgrade to 4K resolutions and get a selfie camera. Also have a 4K screen that adjusted to 1080p or 720p… Than I buy one… I love flip phones.

  10. uglyblokeonabike

    I wish you could buy this in the UK.

  11. Is there a speakerphone for the ALCATEL A392? THANKS.

  12. Just curious about the GPS. What does it work with, an app? Or does it work with the web browser?


  14. was wondering how to I change the time span it goes to voice mail seems like my father needs for it to ring longer so he could answer before it goes to voice mail so need help with changing the seconds setting before it goes to voice mail

  15. How many songs can you put on this phone before maxed?

  16. Jigga?? Lol

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