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Accelerated Mobile Pages (Google AMP) Explained

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That little lightning bolt icon you notice if you are scrolling via Google effects in your telephone signifies an “AMP” web page that can load sooner – however what precisely is AMP?

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  1. Bjorn Roesbeke

    Google's the new Microsoft.

  2. Gerrit van Vliet

    I still hate this guy's accent. It's really exaggerated and very grating.

  3. This guy has potential. Just needs to somehow rework that nasally voice.


  5. Guess WikiHow uses amp

  6. Sherwyn Mathias

    The asmr mouth sound

  7. Everytime this guy narrates, I feel like he's trying to sell me something.

  8. On the few pages I have had to make with AMP I never saw any advantage as for me it was more time consuming to work inside its limitations than to simply optimize and code a page correctly.
    Also I really don't get how they release components so buggy, it becomes hell to develop with them (most of the time fixes/workarounds won't validate).

  9. Weird background noise in the video.


  11. Too much salava sounds… Like listening to someone do ASMR…
    *No harm intended with my comment*… you just might want to turn down the sensitivity of the mic, and or clean the audio from ambient sounds such as salava…

  12. Tech Quickie!!!!!

  13. Jayson Williams

    I always wondered what that amp and it's symbol was for!

  14. Sometimes google amp doesnt worknfor some website :h

  15. Marcin Rutkowski

    How His accent is called …for me sounds much different then Linus ?? …Regards …Thanks for cool videos

  16. Themrfuzzypants

    My mobile device lagged while watching this in the browser

  17. Ads are clunky by design. That way when you start frantically clicking and trying to scroll you "accidentally" click on the ad. And we all know ad clicks are revenue.

  18. Who decides the rules for Amp ? Like how much ads is too much ?

  19. Could we get a techquickie on CPU AVX?

  20. Hey guys… Long time fan of the channel and Jon especially. I think he's awesome. But if he's going to host he should be working with a vocal coach- he's got a great attitude and the skills to be a great host of all the techquickie videos and I think with a little vocal training to remove the sticky spots in his vocabulary he could do an awesome job running this channel and build it up into it's own huge and dedicated audience. I fucking love Luke and Linus but there's definitely room for another good full time/dedicated host for the channel, especially with Luke at floatplane and laserjames not seeming to appear as a host for much besides WAN, mostly he just shows up looking pretty in the LTT B-Roll!

  21. This looks like Reading mode from Microsoft edge

  22. Mukund Bhardwaj

    Don't glue your words together man, please me more clear.

  23. I find amp sucks, usually slower in my case and a lot of pages don't ever load up.

  24. Oh wow he lost a lot of weight

  25. meatbag killer

    Is netcut safe???? You should make a netcut explained video

  26. Matheus Lacerda

    I haven`t been in this channel in a while. Why they kept this intro?

  27. Jonathan Lefebvre

    I like Jon (:

  28. Scriptosaurus rex

    No google searches or chrome browsers on my device thank you.
    Sucks enough that I have to choose between google and apple for mobile os already.
    Wish that the Linux or Mozilla mobile os had taken off and become usable.

  29. Delightful Gentleman

    How do you fix the Windows 10 update mouse lag?

    pls no "switch to Linux" jokes, I'm already in a lot of pain

  30. Sadly our country decided to block it so google pulled it from Egypt 🙁

  31. Mihai Sebastian Tarnauceanu

    Pornhub as AMP page? Humanity I belive in you.

  32. Csupor Zoltán

    From Budapest? Whaaaaaaaaaat

  33. RedLight GreenArrow

    I hate AMP and want to disable this shit!

  34. Никита Мальгин


  35. BelgianGurista

    Try traveling through Europe with the Mobile Service Providers throttling foreign users connected to 4G antennae and get Edge speed or less. F**Criminals!

  36. You should do Canada’s alert ready system as fast as possible

  37. Palindromemordnilap

    What they are, is obnoxious.

  38. Could you cover ARM big.LITTLE technology?

  39. Don't get hooked on math.. I did math once and it nearly killed me

  40. i work as a webdeveloper and builded some amp pages so far. But google is like always doing random stuff and not all sites get indexed and viewed as amp-versions in the google search view. So its always the same. You do all the best to make your site as google friendly as possible but they still aren't happy. But the good thing about this, it keeps me bussy and saves my job ^^

  41. Lmao, that hair

  42. SO THATS WHAT THIS LIGHTNING MEANS! man thank you guys, i always thought its meant for "Hot" or something, like lots of people looked at it or that its somewhat of an ad or something.!

  43. I wrote an article how AMP can help SEO. Please check it out.

  44. 1. Talks about spotty connections when web browsing
    2. Shows a screenshot for demonstration that shows a perfectly acceptable speed for any non-video-streaming web browsing session.

  45. Anson Mansfield

    You should check your audio setup, there's a distinct background hum on this video.

  46. do these amps speed's go up to eleven?

  47. Carl Fredrik Ahl

    Good explenation!

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