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8 Kill Win! + Best controls + Handcam! | Fortnite Mobile

Device: iPhone 8+ (Sometimes iPhone 6s)

Editing Program: Adobe Premiere Pro

Record Using: IOS recorder and Quicktime on Mac

Thumbnails: Made by way of me on Photoshop

Most Background tune produced by way of Chuki Beats!


HMU on twitter- https://mobile.twitter.com/hawkscustoms/
HMU on instagram- https://www.instagram.com/mm.hawksnest/

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  1. Just a small heads up. For some reason my 2nd shoot button works now! SO I just moved it to the spot I said I would in the vid! Now its really ez to build and run, and swing my axe while moving. I still use the left shoot button for longer ranges though!

    ALSO a lot of people were saying the reason that fire button is a dud is because I needed to turn tap to fire off in the settings. It was already off. Aim Assist is the reason it shoots when I look at people. Which I'm hoping they remove!

  2. Thank You !

  3. Any one wanna play here is my id
    azād khan_26

  4. useless video for Android users

  5. Is this gameplay on iphone8?

  6. Sorry but everyone have His one best Controlle

  7. Respect

  8. I use a 12.9 iPad Pro… so i cant really use this

  9. Dominic Robinson

    Are you playing with pc and console player with this mobile version? If so then why even play this??

  10. if i buy the battle pass on my phone will the battle pass be on my ps4 since they are linked to epic games

  11. Guys help me please because I dont have that switching gun button thingy. Please teach me how to get it

  12. Xxfantom_YTxX gaming

    It’s the tap to shoot thing

  13. It's tap to shoot turn it off to help

  14. You need to move and shoot more

  15. nika shioshvili

    Dowload link?

  16. Noob

  17. Tiresome Gaming

    Does he know if he taps on the right side you fire and if u double tap and hold on the right screen you will fire non stop

  18. How to download fortnite mobile?

  19. BOI IM GETTING 10 kills a game. Easy dubs my dude

  20. Please make such a video of rules of survival pls ……

  21. Hector Espinoza

    1:11 that control is to shot just in case

  22. I have a 12 kill mobile win

  23. How do you record your screen ? Help please

  24. How do u have the recycle button

  25. Thank you for the help man

  26. Shoot buttons don’t matter at all though

  27. Just use tap to shoot off

  28. clash with ddog

    Because it is on your health bar

  29. Rip the Madden mobile days

  30. I k ow its messed up to use a controller but cmon u know u would if u could

  31. Do mobile wins count?

  32. D E P R E S S I O N

    I’ve got an 11 kill win on mobile

  33. Matthew Gutierrez

    Only 8?

  34. Papyrus The Skeleton

    Turn off tap to shoot

  35. But-but that's easy

  36. Mylk - Fortnite and Roblox

    I got 17 kill win ;). Not with your HUD layout btw

  37. Please make vid for how to get those sick graphics!

  38. 8 kills wow! My best is 19

  39. Christopher Nickerson

    the clicking on the screen to fire is a feature

  40. my max kills in mobile is 21

  41. Dude I have 12 kill game in mobile solo :/

  42. 8 kills is trash I’ve got 15 kill game

  43. ill carry someone on mobile

  44. Only 8 try 16

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