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MOBILE LEGENDS SEASON 10 TOP 7 BEST HEROES TO REACH MYTHIC 2018 with Full Item Build, Emblem Sets and Spell Guide

This video will will let you succeed in your function to rank as much as Mythic in Mobile Legends this Season 10, 2018 conveniently. Learn which heroes are the most efficient in the present Mobile Legend Meta and be guided with their respective complete merchandise construct, brand units and spell.
Enjoy the gameplay highlights of each and every hero from best world avid gamers in Mobile Legends too.

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Here is an inventory of playlists classified consistent with taking part in roles:

1. Assassin


2. Fighter


three. Mage


four. Marksman


five. Tank


6. Support


If you have an interest in looking at these types of international elegance gameplays to turn into the most powerful moba participant that you’ll be able to be, here is a playlist that I made which contains ’em all:

7. Mobile Legends: Pro Top Players Gameplays 2018


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  1. Plz add kimmy i kill 8 times but i dont have death when i play aboit kimmy

  2. Ivan Shynkarenko [Xiaomi Redmi 5]

    Plz lesly*

  3. my favorite is gusion

  4. ign:demonking
    skin:lancelot epic

  5. julie.yanna basri

    Harith i used ranked

  6. ID number :304730687

  7. I use Hanabi, tho.

  8. selena user here

  9. I keep on using argus

  10. my favorite heros is miya,karrie,and eudora

  11. Where is Lesley her 1st skill is strong

  12. Moonton special talent release=tooo OP then nerf by time =hero become useless then=buff the hero back

  13. Remember Gusion?
    The best assassin that can beat fanny.

  14. Where's kimmy

  15. Claude main

  16. 8:27 nice franco

  17. main Claude here I must say he is too much to handle they should nerf him

  18. I rank up is gord

  19. lmmanuela Tuallawt

    Claude burst build was almost like as my build only boot is different but I made it up by myself

  20. Ismael Ivan Balisoro

    My rank is legend I so how to reach mythical rank

  21. I am epic 2

  22. Omg…Now i always winn in the ranked mode because of you guys..Im using claude with your build..Now i am grandmaster…Thank you for this helpful video

  23. My favoirite hero to rank up is gatotkaca

  24. John Airo Maturan

    i already master gusion your right because i just starting and i thinking what i buy and i see gusion and buy him first i dont how to use it but i watch how to use and build and emblem and skills to savage i have 1savage 3 maniac in may gusion and become master2

  25. I used guison from warrior to mythic

  26. Mephibosheth Salio-an

    Wheres fanny

  27. no tank wtf???

  28. no tank wtf???

  29. that karrie gameplay is a hacker check out her stats

  30. Ralph Lorenz Dela Cruz Camania

    Lesley main here!top 1global!im using inspire instead of flicker

  31. elite

  32. use karrie

  33. But still it depends on your team and performance individually

  34. My opinion are minotaur claude alice kimmy gatotkaca johnson harith lesley cause she will be buffed vexana angela chou and aldous aka 1 punch man lunux akai ruby thx this took some time to pick

  35. Claude was pretty obvious

  36. tahank you for you chanel

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