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5 Reasons Why Galaxy Note 9 DESTROYS the iPhone Xs Max

In this video, I can come up with 5 the explanation why the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 destroys the iPhone Xs Max.

Both the Galaxy Note 9 and the iPhone Xs Max are the best possible smartphones you’ll purchase from the 2 giants, so it is best to grasp the explanation why one is best.

Let’s dive in.

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  1. SAMSUNG SUCKS SO DESTROY The STUPID NOTE 9 because apple has better looks more quality and Samsung looks cheap and is cheap

  2. Harrison Strasser

    Watching this on the midnight black note 9

  3. Samsung fanboys Poor boys who ñor have enough money for buy iphone

  4. tourettes syndrome is contagious.

    Im so sick and tired of hearing about Apples superior virus protection over Android and Windows and people!! That is a MOOT argument, its like saying that Rhode Island has less available real estate than Australia……… Wow, really, im shocked. I would have thought Rhode Islands market was way better or more valuable overall, or invulnerable to all natural disasters…… Now if that was true it would mean the top of the states and smallest lil state was soooo much better, or safer, or more valuable, maybe had tougher sumo wrestlers?? Just very simple answer is, there is way more open because of its size in australia. Rhode Island has less because its soooo teeeny…. same scenario, less people and especially companies get Androids in place of apple products. So with all these like type devices networked together, via internally linked….. Hmmm whos a virus developer going to target? My grandma and a few of my cousins, or some pretentious high school bamboo who likes the button goes tooch, toooch on her stupid fucking Iphone……. answer is Marlon Brando, The green bay packers, a slice of frozen pizza, and tap dancing elderly retirement centers for the sons of the american people who were offended by O.J Simpson Trying a glove on over a glove with his fingers spread like they are palming a basketball and not one fucking person in a position of power even goes, hmm hmmm, hey lets try this again juice…… If they would have been out and available Johnny Cochran would have used his 1990 Iphone to phone up his closest after that court date and go, "It worked… My god it worked, im getting so good they will buy anything… I'm going to go for the race card, and tell them the only reason they are accusing O.J is because they are trying to start a race riot. thats all the "Man" wants in life, well and chocolate milk and puppies on the holidays!! but anywho they are trying to get the black and blackish people to destroy the death star so they don't have to hire any more rebel pilots from that shitty tatooine space vessel flight school and the school for the moisture evaporating challenged. They will form up a whole squad itll be called Black squad, black 1 you copy? black 3 are you ok? Stay on target, stop looking at that white woman!! Stay on target! No Lando is not a member of the Black X-wingers. He acts too fucking white, like hes from Naboo or some shit and he can go work for the "man" or the "mans" niece for all we care. Cloud City, and he doesn't have one colored employee, not even a schofer or a black frycook. Doesnt have his elderly mama sitting under a sunsetter awning… Not a one! Shows what he thought of "give your kind some peace of mind" What a piece of shit, honestly im soo glad he gets kidnapped and forced with, well the force to do weird sexual things to some of those caminoian alien cloners while MoMo Fett watches. " A Clone of a Clone that went bad, and augmented only Jengo Fett's Sexual Deviancy and governing ability of inhibitions, and made the Interstellar Kiddy Bandit..
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    You Fucking Middle Of Nowhere DouchBags It Can Be A Theater In A Suburb Far Far Away. Move
    Towards Shit, You Are Killing The Planet By Taking 8 Hours To Buy Some Condoms And Moustache
    Wax From A WalMart. I dont care if its electric or a hybrid or you can teleport instantaneously!! You suck and the fucking planet is crippled and dying because of people like you! I dont have to explain myself to murders so piss off!!

  5. I am using NOTE 9. It is best.

  6. Lol the main theme to Assassins Crees 3 is pretty awesome.

  7. I buy s8 plus 2months ago the problem is the camera or video quality is not normal to much brightness..but still Good

  8. 0:53 that's enough already to know the design is King. #watchingonmyGalaxyS8+

  9. Samsung still needs to do more with the s.pen

  10. 3:53 again. Sammy does what iPhone don't

  11. 4:23 1TB ready…hmm…

  12. XxTrikkyNinjaYTxX 56

    The sim card u can add for the note9 is 1000 gigs

  13. I feel bad..I don't have the money for any of them

  14. ลิ้นจี่หน้าหอ

    I love to watch 4K videos on youtube so i chose Note 9

  15. I love Samsung! So much better than Apple!

  16. Master mind Thomas

    I phone is the best phone but the note 9 is also in lead . I love Iphone

  17. You can connect a mouse to a Galaxy S8 or better and it works lmao

  18. PONGbyATARI Tim A.

    I have an iMac and a iPad Mini 4 but when it comes to phones the Note series has always been my favorite. The Note 9 is by far the smoothest and substantial upgrade that has me excited for a new device a feeling I hadn't had in a while. I was really suprised how much of an upgrade it is over my Note 8 and getting $800 towards the N9 made it an easy choice. Between no Spen, notch in the screen and lack of customization it wasn't hard to choose the N9 over the iPhone.

  19. You forgot that the note 9 has a headphone jack.

  20. honestly, this should have never even been a video to begin with. like theres no reason to even waste breath or time to explain such an obvious thing.

  21. One I could add is the Note 9 doesn't rely on face unlock for the things the XS does. Or that you don't have to swipe to get to the home menu when doing face unlock.

  22. the iPhone does not explode.

  23. Boi Samsung will never ever be beaten by IPhone, people think IPhone is better because it is expensive and they think what's expensive is good. And if they watch this video they'll be like "what?"
    So the new Samsung S10 will beat all the Iphone's. And shall IPhone still produce Phones? NO

  24. Damn, I have an IPhone 8 Plus & I’m torn on which one of these to upgrade too. I mainly watch media.

  25. For the price the note 9 should be rocking a 5000 mAh battery.

  26. Agreed

  27. shahzad gents garmeents


  28. I give u alot of points samsung. Almost switched to the note 9, but sorry apple still has the upperhand for me now. Faster smoother nicer, apps are better optimised

  29. Absolute BS. Both have their values. iOS ecosystem is far superior, quality of Apps is much better, 5 years of iOS major OS upgrades vs only 2 years of super delayed Samsung updates, iOS has far better UI and settings consolidation than Samsung any day, Apple Pay is far better than Samsung Pay, Apple is much trustworthy for data privacy than Google/ Samsung combo and I can go on about their software services and hardware features, much superior gaming device than any Android smartphone.
    Btw I do have a Note 9 (bought it about a month ago – 128GB unit) and I like it for its ability to be much more flexible than iOS, use it for Dex, MS office 365, use the Stylus mainly for annotations and notes, I do like it for YouTube much better than the iOS device cause of the face id notch however would have loved if Samsung can reproduce or copy same colour calibration as Apple. Too much over saturation even at display – basic settings, poor anti-aliasing, Speakers are less louder and more tinny sounding than Xs Max, however it's Qualcomm modem is much better than the Intel one used inside the XS Max….

  30. You are awesome man

  31. Mouse support is probably one of the most underrated features

  32. Great video just subscribed. Do you think the note 9 is good for gaming??????? Thx:-):-):-):-):-)

  33. Samsung is da best

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