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2018 iPad Pro and Apple Pencil – An Artist’s Review

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This is the brand new iPad professional and Apple pencil. There are numerous new options Is it well worth the improve? shall we to find out!

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  1. Best review ever 😀

  2. 2:50 Dead apple pencil.

  3. Can't wait for the photoshop review.. hope you'll compare its performance from the previous ipad pro

  4. great review!

  5. About the stance "it isn't a PC replacement", In my opinion, depending on what kind of stuff you normally use with your laptop. If you use your PC for video editing, sure the Ipad pro is not going to replace your laptop. But if your major thing is taking notes or other light productivity, the iPad Pro is just a better option. It is thin and light. It is extremely portable. In my word, I would say it is more ultra than an ultrabook. In fact, I am a college student and I prefer Ipad pro 10.5 as my daily driver to school than a PC. It takes notes easier than a PC and It can do literally ALMOST anything you can expect from a PC and just with this tiny form factor. Even more, with a new A12X processor, I can expect more from the new Ipad Pro now. This is the first time that I feel Windows feels threatened. Can't imagine what would actually happen for this product in the next couple of years.

  6. This was like watching a cartoon tv! I LAUGHED SO HARD when I saw the iPad and pencil cartoon!

  7. Exactly what i wanted to hear

  8. I must confess I was waiting for your review to come out. Great and honest review as always. Only one thing: I do not hate the way the old Apple Pencil charges. I never attached it to my iPad Pro. I always use the connector adapter and I charge it with my iPhone or iPad charger. Frankly, I don't see the problem with doing so. I usually charge the iPad and the Pencil at the same time, and when the Pencil charges you cannot use it either way. I was thinking about upgrading both my iPad and the Pencil, but this new charging "feature" guaranteed that I will never pay that much more to have something that in my opinion is less. As you rightly pointed out in your review, I do not understand why they do not offer compatibility for the old Pencil. All this sounds like the usual marketing scam to force customers to spend more. I am so disgusted by Apple right now, and I have been a customer since their beginnings…

  9. "but I want a perfect device for less than 600 dollars," said the Hanzo main. "I want a bow that shoots just like the bows for real professionals do, but I want it for half the price." The Widowmaker main nodded. "My sniper rifle has an i7. That means it's better. No matter what. And it cost only 400. All those different aimbots I can install on this thing, all freeware. So much choice." Thus it was agreed between them: Nothing may ever cost money, especially if it's nice.

  10. Hi Brad!
    I'm from Brazil, i always watch your reviwes, i want to start digital drawing and i choose the new ipad 2018 6th gen today, but omg this new ipad pro looks amazing, maybe someday R$$$$$… please keep make content for us!

  11. PaperPlanesParadise

    is that Jayden Animation voice

  12. Great video. Great animation. Great voice acting by your daughter. In case it helps, I’ve been using my iPad Pro as my primary computer for two years to run my comic career. I only use my Mac once or twice a month. If anything my Mac is a companion device for my iPad. Not sure if I’m the only one. If not, it may be better to say the iPad isn’t a pc replacement for everyone, perhaps not even most, but can be for some.

  13. Thanks for the review. It looks like you have a cover on it. Do you think the iPad folio cover will offer any protections for the edges if you drop the iPad? I have been looking around trying to find a cover like the one I had for my previous iPad Pro which was a TPU plastic with bumpers on the corner. I am just wondering if anyone will make something like that that will allow the pencil to charge. Seems like you would need to keep the edges exposed to damage if you want to use the Apple Pencil as intended.

  14. Great video Brad, wacom needs to start producing a light weight thin but still powerful enough version of their cintiq mobile studio/companion to give apple a run for their money, we need more innovation, artist are not made out of money

  15. great honest review. I think we won't be able to tell the true extent to its power until photoshop is available. Then it can be tested with 200 layered file and see if its worthy of an upgrade

  16. Berszán Pál György

    is this paperlike screen protector gonna wear out the tip of the pencil after a while

  17. I’m going from a 2015 iPad Pro to the new one and the performance difference is very noticeable to me.

  18. I was so desperate for a REAL artist's review on the new iPad! A real big help on decision making. +iPad BMO was a cherry on top!

  19. Garfsuke themostbeautuful DUWANG

    Do they still make paperlike screen protector for the older models? As I might buy an older pro used,and would love it to have a more paperlike experience

  20. BrendahAries Akoth

    OMG!! You are so funny and talented and awesome!!!! Thanks for the reviews.. I'll get the iPad now..

  21. Jonathan Prieto-Cubides

    This pencil works with the no-Pro version?

  22. I read your comment about your daughter voicing the iPad before watching the video and I was ready to cringe, but it was so funny and actually helpful to keep the flow and her voice is so cute!

  23. Hey Brad, Autodesk Sketchbook Pro has become FREE TO USE! (for all platforms) Could you please review it? 😀

  24. I have the 2nd gen 12.9 model for sale for a reasonable price. located in Italy. hmu!

  25. How fast will my brain learn that the "ink" doesn't smudge by the hand? 😉

  26. You broke your apple pencil for that?

  27. Someone (read: Brad!) has to actually show me how that 8.9 mm diameter pencil stays on the side of that 5.9 mm iPad while laying flat on a table. Shouldn't be possible, right? You would think either the pencil pops off the charger, or the iPad gets lifted about 1.5 mm up off the surface.

  28. I had to replay this video and not watch it so I could listen better

  29. I'm sorry Brad, but you're kinda misleading. There's literally an adapter in the apple pencil box that allows you to charge your apple pencil with your normal charger. You do NOT have to charge your pencil with the iPad and anyone who thinks that's logical in any way clearly did NOT look through their apple pencil box.

  30. Still not worth $1500 I will stick with the Samsung Tab I only use my tablet for concept and skeching anyway. Only way I get one is with someone else's money, I will take that 1500 and put that towards a new computer.

  31. With the new iPad Pro, did a pencil come out with it? Or is it still the second generation pencil? Let me know please and thank you 🙂

  32. I had my ipad pro 12.9 for about a month and this comes out. The people at apple never sleep.


  34. @Brad Coblow I'm wondering if I can use the ipad pro 3rd gen as the sole screen for my mac mini? Maybe via astropad Luna display?

  35. the rice eating guy Eric

    I just want to know how soon is ‘soon’ for them to publish paperlike for the new ipad

  36. who needs a wacom cintiq if you have this type of Ipad


    I like the home button and definitely require a headphone jack ,i'm a bit lost so sadly won't be getting this amazing upgrade, what I have now is suffciant , i m hoping they reinstate these things on the next version. Question, if you put a cover over your iPad,will the pencil still be able to recharge, being there is now an obstruction in the way?

  38. loved the review and the animation !

  39. quick question about the paperlike screen protector: does it make the display look more dull? as in less bright and/or grainy? or does it just show up that way on camera? :0

  40. He breaks the connector of the old pencil at 2:50 😀

  41. TESLA Cold Fusion & Space XXX

    You can charge the old pencil with the wire+wall charger, only the synch-process is a bit strange.

  42. I just figured out you were drawing a mobile game developer. Sneaky joke sir.

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