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$2,000,000 Clean Room! – DriveSavers Data Recovery Tour

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  1. DriveSavers Data Recovery: http://geni.us/RoXeuj

  2. This is why backups are important. More so have an OFF-SITE backups such as crashplan. I have my own servers so I make use of rsync via daily cron job. Works well for me.

  3. I know this might offend people, but like idgaf but sounds like he’s complaining about how better they are…

  4. I deliver to there all the time.

  5. Hilary Clinton’s worst nightmare lol

  6. These people are near me !~ ^5

  7. ^5 Copy man !

  8. Remember the gig drives? 5400 RPM 😀

  9. Long live Scorpio!

  10. Got to salute theses guys. Saving one harddrive full of porn at a time

  11. Remember if there's one thing you can take from this video is always back up the porn drive.

  12. If that would be a real clean room, you my friend would be kicked out. Now i know this not ASML so the waving and touching the mask doesn’t really matter

  13. creative perspectives media

    Wow i actually drive past that place all the time and never new

  14. Im surprised you didn’t drop the clean room on the floor

  15. What is 321 principle linus is talking about around the end

  16. 0:33 – An Error has Ocurred!

  17. 8:17 lol @ the pirated copy of windows used by this "professional" data recovery company


  19. Why does Linus keep touching himself? I mean can he leave his Wiener alone!

  20. Area85 Restorations

    So now it's harder to destroy ones shameful porn collection, GREAT!

  21. My school has those same name tags

  22. 0:52 Cringe. No, damn it. That's not an okay thing. You can't… But… No. Move that dang string.


  24. I think I saw some Macs in there

  25. Lets go inside
    >proceeds to fail at opening the door, preventing him from doing so

  26. you ever just watch and your like nerd but me too…


  28. the string and the sticker gave me a mild concussion
    from jumping up tooooo fast

  29. What brand of hard drive do they recommend for reliability?

  30. 8:26
    Activate Windows

  31. theguyttissy bob

    what is he doing to that remote in his right pocket every 2 seconds

  32. I just paid over a grand to recover 500GB. When I was originally quoted I couldn't believe how expensive it was. However, after researching (and watching this video), I understand why. My dumb ass will definitely be making a back-up this time. Just glad I could get ALL of my data recovered.

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