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13 Scariest Theories That’ll Make Your Blood Run Cold

Where did we come from? Where are we headed? What is our international? Are we by myself within the universe? When the psychological gears actually get started transferring, other folks can get a hold of theories which are downright terrifying! In this video, you can find out about 13 of the scariest theories that’ll make you query the entirety you idea you knew about your fact.

The Great Filter 1:28
Higher dimensional beings 2:33
False Vacuum three:23
We’re dwelling in a black hollow four:10
White Holes four:50
The Multiverse Theory Five:25
Brain in a Vat 6:03
Roko’s Basilisk 6:48
The Transcension Hypothesis 7:21
The Terror Management Theory eight:00
The Sixth Mass Extinction eight:35
The Fermi Paradox nine:17
The Simulation Theory 10:00

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– According to The Great Filter concept, someplace in the market exists a Great Filter. The major objective of this Filter is to prevent the ones civilizations that advance to the extent of superstar colonization.
– What if a 4D being was once taking a look at you from their 4-dimensional international? Just like a 2D particular person, you would not be capable of understand this creature to your 3-D international.
– The False Vacuum concept says that our universe exists in a false section state, which means that that it is only a transient factor. What’s extra, it is only a small a part of a bigger universe.
– You’re most likely well-aware that black holes suck in the entirety round them. But what occurs to the stuff it engulfs? What if a black hollow already swallowed us up way back? Surprisingly, some physicists deem this concept beautiful believable.
– While black holes engulf all subject in order that even gentle can’t break out, white holes are fairly the other. These formations are believed to spit out the entirety that black holes suck in.
– The Multiverse concept claims that there may well be numerous different realities but even so our personal.
– The Brain in a Vat concept says that you simply rather well may simply be a mind in a jar. Something is feeding you false impulses, and you are hallucinating all of your existence and fact.
– Roko’s Basilisk is a speculation that some long run super-powerful synthetic mind can retroactively punish individuals who struggled in opposition to it previously (which is our provide) and even those that did not anything to assist convey it about.
– The Transcension Hypothesis states civilization sooner or later will get to a definite highbrow degree.
– According the Terror Management concept, the entirety we do comes from the concern of dying. Our needs and motivation are according to only one factor, and it’s the concept that sooner or later we will be able to prevent present.
– The Sixth Mass Extinction concept is some of the scary. Yet, sadly, it’s probably the most possible situation. Some biologists imagine that humanity is headed for or already passing throughout the 6th mass extinction
– The Fermi Paradox concept explains why we most likely would not acknowledge a sophisticated alien civilization although it was once proper underneath our nostril.
– According to the Simulation concept, all of us are living in a surprisingly complicated pc sport.

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  1. To me, the simulation hypothesis is the scariest one. Which theory did impress you the most?

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  6. I believe in the dimentional creatures. Up till now there are 21 dimensions ! 4 dimensions is scary but imagine 21 dimensions.

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  8. Khumanthem Radhika

    Don't press read more

    I like you rebel

  9. "if nothing happens,then humankind blah blah.."
    We're here because things have changed since the 1700s. Technology, medicine, good production, everything changes even the human. Every generation has their doom speakers who can't see past their own eyelids.

  10. 6:03 The only way to scratch an itch is to think about sandpaper

  11. You guys got the fermi paradox completely wrong.

  12. If we would look at 2 dimensional people from the top, we wouldn't spot them.

  13. if we could extend are life then earths population would sky rocket… by a fair amount causing 2 of this theories a scary combination if a solution is not presented in time

  14. If aliens finds us then it would be like Columbus and the indians, only we're the indians.

  15. Lol "Filter" You mean FIRMAMENT.

  16. Tyrone Yves Mariano

    flat earth cube earth donut earth cat earth turtle earth normal earth witch is real?

  17. All the computer program source code you see in this video comes from the Linux kernel (or maybe a Linux driver).

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