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10 Ways JAPAN is 10 Years Ahead of the World

DID YOU KNOW Japan has bullet trains that may shuttle 320 km/hour? Or awesome rest room seats that may warmth up your butt, blank it spotless, and test your blood drive? Or interactive robots that may serve you lunch, analyze your facial expressions and be your customer support agent in telephone shops?

I simply completed my sixth talk over with to Japan, and each time I depart this nation, I’ve a troublesome time comprehending what I simply skilled.

In this video, I take you round Tokyo and display you 10 ways in which Japan is 10 years forward of the global.

Anyone else believe me?

Music: Kevin MacLeod

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  1. Fucking weebos.

  2. now do "10 ways JAPAN is completely backwards"

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  5. We Are All Living In 2018 While Japan Is Living In 2028

  6. That's really cool … kudos Japan and Japanese

  7. ANIME

  8. meanwhile in Detroit they can't even get clean water…

  9. This place is where I was born at.

    It’s also the place I want to live when I’m done with school

  10. No white people that's why .

  11. Japanese people don't tear shit up like in the USA.  Imagine all of this in New York.The machines would be vandalized.  Turned over.  Some punk trying to rob the moneyout of them.  Did you notice there's no rubbish in the streets or in the metro?They're not perfect.  I've read that some 'round eyes' are not welcome in certain clubs andbars.  Other Asians (Koreans) are totally looked down on.  Yet, the place operates well.I've never been, but it looks like there's very little to fear in the various areas of the city(Tokyo).  Try wandering around Paris or New Orleans after dark……I admire them (Japanese).

  12. LeCrazyChannel /Leon88991

    The USA needs to take notes

  13. Hey! Isnt traveling the best? We just got back from spending a lot of time traveling all over the world. I found your YouTube reliving my time traveling while editing the hours of footage I took. I subscribed to you :). Maybe we'll run into one another someday in the world!

  14. Absolutely amazing, beautiful country. 🙂

  15. Bullet train – Europe and China are no different. Next

    Robots – The USA, France, China, the UK, basically anywhere developed.

    Great place to visit, but this sort of videos just look like they're made by and for unsocial peoplw that got rejected by Western society. But seriously, you're overexaggerating.

    The majority of these exist ''reasons'' you gave only apply to Tokyo and Prefectures surrounding it. No change you're finding that anywhere but in a handful of places.

    Japan is far from the perfect country. Depression, suicide, the 95%+ of the country has absolutely zero social skills, the massive ass Debt that continue to grow annually, low birth rates etc etc etc not the mention the cringey anime : /

    Great place to visit, but no.
    They're not ahead of the world, sorry to disappoint the weebs.

  16. Every lazy persons dreamland I would go there but I may never come back tbh

  17. If they were smart enough to come up with the bridge cross walk they definitely came up with more smart thing

  18. no immigration from countries like somalia sudan pakistan helps

  19. In the US, Canada, and some parts of Europe, there are places that look like a first world country, places that look like the rest of the world, and also places that look like third world shitholes, as well as places you would think you have came to the wrong side of the world. In Japan, everywhere is just incredible.

  20. Japan does that without immigration, without “diversity”, without rainbows.

  21. Two Nukes we're enough….

  22. I wanna move there


  24. Demetrius Karavasilis

    No pun intended, but Chinese and Korean cultures cannot stand any comparison to Japanese.
    Leave very expensive goods in the tens of millions populated Tokyo and almost certainly next morning you will have all your lost things back to you, untouched!

    You won't find such respectful people in any other vastly populated place either in Asia or globally.

    Unlike Korean or Chinese National Anthem, the Japanese does not aware of the people's freedom and rights.
    It is the Emperor of Japan, that matters only.

    It's a world's apart different mindset. At least it used to be this way until the encounter with the West.

    Nihon has been compromised but somehow adapted to some degree.
    Here is an example. Nowadays there is a trend called sustainability.
    It was introduced by Toyota some decades ago. But it didn't happen as a random incident. Toyota is one of the most significant ambassadors of Nihon. They are following the WA mindset. Wa was the name Chinese assigned to the early people of Japan. Japanese have always been regarded as harmonious people.

    it is evident in Shinto mindset where everything in the Universe deserves a dignified being. The famous expression itadakimasu comes in mind as an example of this rule.

    It's been a race against human Ego nature to be aware of the universe, in order to accomplish harmony.

    This is the discipline Japanese education system is following. Even more the magnificent Satoyama villages across Japan.

    Nihon deserves unspoken respect and love for its utterly brilliant culture. But to realize it, people must think out of their self existence and convenience.

    Btw, strict immigration policies have no effect when everyone cares only for himself, that has always been the case in Europe and Murica.

  25. Suicide rates are off the cuff, boys stay in they mom basement until they are fifty and if they're brave they marry their anime pillows. Me thinks technology is not the answer to being human. And only an impressionable little boy in a man's body would think that it is.

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