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10 Psychology Facts Why You’re the Way You’re

10 wonderful mental info about human conduct. Over the years, scientists have exposed lots of the human mind’s mysteries and shortcomings that had been securely hidden in our psyche.
Bright Side invitations you on a adventure within your individual head to in finding out what makes your awareness paintings.

We’re repeatedly changing our recollections zero:35
We can handiest have a restricted collection of buddies 1:25
We really feel happier after we’re busy 1:57
We can memorize handiest Three-Four issues at a time 2:52
Our visible belief of issues differs from their look Three:49
We spend 30% of our time having a pipe dream Four:42
We can’t forget about Three issues in lifestyles: meals, intercourse, and threat Five:28
We want as a lot selection as imaginable 6:15
Most of our choices are subconscious 7:14
There’s no such factor as multitasking eight:13

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    We’re constantly altering our memories 0:35
    We can only have a limited number of friends 1:25
    We feel happier when we’re busy 1:57
    We can memorize only 3-4 things at a time 2:52
    Our visual perception of things differs from their appearance 3:49
    We spend 30% of our time daydreaming 4:42
    We can’t ignore 3 things in life: food, sex, and danger 5:28
    We need as much choice as possible 6:15
    Most of our decisions are unconscious 7:14
    There’s no such thing as multitasking 8:13

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