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How To Get Daily Tech News | How To Find Latest Technology News | In Hindi | TECH IN TRACK !!!!

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Mitie on track rebuilding | City & Business | Finance

The pest control, cleaning and security contractor posted 6 per cent lower annual adjusted operating profit of £77.1million on revenue up 3.8 per cent to £2.2billlion.  Bentley thinks support services groups might start to regain some pricing power following the collapse of Carillion. He said: “In the long run it …

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Hornby gets £18m financing on track | City & Business | Finance

The maker of Thomas The Tank Engine educate units and proprietor of Scalextric, Airfix and Corgi manufacturers is changing its present £6million mortgage facility with Barclays. PNC Business Credit will supply £12million, with an extra £6million coming from its majority shareholder Phoenix Asset Management. Hornby gross sales were hit by …

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