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‘Lightning War’: Bitcoin Battles Bitcoin Cash on a Digital Canvas

· June 13, 2018 · three:00 pm

A virtual canvas dubbed Satoshi’s Place seemed on-line, permitting customers to attract no matter they in finding have compatibility, one pixel at a time. The MS Paint-like revel in prices one Satoshi in line with pixel and customers are unfastened to blow their own horns their ability in no matter shape they in finding have compatibility.

Censorship Resistant Digital Canvas

Satoshi’s Place is a easy on-line artboard which is powered by way of the Lightning Network. The virtual canvas is constructed from 1 million pixels and every certainly one of them will price you 1 satoshi to color. Apart from offering broad leeway for customers to specific their superb artwork abilities, it’s additionally supposed to offer a method to revel in the way in which micro-transactions are treated throughout the Lighting Network of Bitcoin.

Since the canvas is censorship resistant, someone can draw nearly anything else. What is extra, all pixels will also be re-painted. The aggregate of each has brought about some unprecedented masterpieces comparable to Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, in addition to Van Gogh’s Starry Night.

However, the chance to write down and draw no matter one desires has additionally supplied method for one specific dispute: Bitcoin (BTC) VS. Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

BTC VS. BCH in a Fully-Fledged Art Battle

The indisputable fact that every pixel on the Satoshi’s Place canvas is re-paintable fuels the conflict even additional. Bitcoin supporters are taking the chance to have some amusing, drawing offensive phrases and emblems on a portray of Roger Ver’s face, phalluses spitting BCH fireplace, and others of the type. Ironically, despite the fact that, BCH customers who’d wish to take away those offensive drawings or repaint them in one thing else must use the Lightning Network.

The result’s obtrusive: the canvas is ruled by way of Bitcoin customers who’re profiting from the fast and inexpensive micro-transactions to attract no matter they nearly need.

However, whilst a lot of other people in finding all of the factor extremely a laugh, there also are those that in finding it insensitive and downright infantile.

Dick pics apart, the Satoshi’s Place mission is proving to be a good fortune in demonstrating that Bitcoin’s Lightning Network can certainly make stronger a top quantity of inexpensive and fast transactions.

Do you prefer the concept that in the back of Satoshi’s Place and its utilization of Lightning Network? Don’t hesitate to tell us within the feedback under.

Images courtesy of Satoshi’s Place; Pixabay

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