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Know your new HOLIDAY travel rights: new rules usher in better deal for holidaymakers | The Crusader | Finance

Holidaymakers are set for better deal from today if something goes wrong with their booking or while they are away.

A widening of the package rules, to reflect how travellers buy trips now, offers more protection by including the different ways people make their own arrangements and book online through linked websites.

The new Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations mean holidays consisting of a flight, hotel, car-hire or other tourist services, either bought online for an all-in-price or through linked web pages will get the same rights as packages bought in travel agencies.

Travellers will have more options to cancel a contract and get clear advance information on who is ultimately responsible if something goes wrong.

Benefits to an estimated 120 million customers will see more predictable prices, guarantees of money-back and repatriation and clarification around rights should difficulties arise such as natural disasters.

Protection against companies going bust in linked arrangements is now available in some circumstances, provided the second online booking is made within 24 hours.

Andy Allen, director of Trading Standards’ UK European Consumer Centre, hailed the changes as significant progress saying: “Ultimately this should protect travellers against sharp price increases as they can cancel, flight time chances and will specify their rights better.

“There should no longer be any doubt whether someone’s holiday constitutes a package or not as there is now an obligation for traders to clearly inform customers before they buy whether they are purchasing a package or a linked-travel arrangement.”

For more details visit the UK European Consumer Centre wwwukecc.net.

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