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I lost my wedding ring on holiday and my insurance company told me I can’t claim – who is right?

Unfortunately, I lost my wedding ring swimming within the sea whilst on holiday in Rhodes.

I have contacted Saga – who I took holiday insurance with – to peer if I was once coated underneath the trip coverage.

The resolution is sure, so long as I have a minimum of one however ideally all 3 of the next main points: a notification of reported loss, evidence of possession and evidence of worth. 

As I most effective have of my wedding ring and not anything else, it mentioned I can’t claim.

Am I being unreasonable or are they being unfair?  Paul, from Beverley, by way of electronic mail.  

A This is Money reader lost his wedding ring in the sea and is now looking to claim on insurance

A This is Money reader lost his wedding ring in the sea and is now looking to claim on insurance

A This is Money reader lost his wedding ring within the sea and is now taking a look to claim on insurance

Grace Gausden, of This is Money, replies: Claiming again on insurance can continuously be an infuriating procedure. 

That feeling of frustration may also be exacerbated when the object that you simply need to claim on is of significant sentimental worth.

It makes issues extra sophisticated while you do not need the guidelines that you wish to have to make a claim.

You say that you simply reported this to Saga and it requested for a notification of reported loss – and it is most likely maximum insurers would.

This signifies that if policyholders can’t or do not file a robbery or loss to the police, they should supply different impartial evidence similar to a letter from their delivery company or lodge.

For many holidaymakers, it might no longer essentially be instantly evident to invite for a letter from their lodge or delivery company, attesting to the truth that that they had lost an merchandise.

It is comprehensible that you simply did not assume to inform the lodge because the ring was once dropped within the sea and wasn’t someplace that would most likely be discovered once more. 

However, it is at all times value studying via your insurance coverage to just remember to have the whole thing you wish to have must you need to make a claim. 

A consultant for Saga mentioned it does not have a document of your claim.

They added that if an merchandise was once lost and the individual who lost it didn’t know precisely when and the place, then they’d take this into account as there can be no evident individual to file it to. 

In your scenario, even supposing you already know when and the place you lost your ring, there is nonetheless no evident individual to file the loss to. 

You additionally say that Saga requested for evidence of possession. As the wedding ring was once over 27 years outdated, there is no receipt that may be produced confirming evidence.

Picture evidence is continuously sufficient proof within the virtual age to provide to insurers as evidence of possession. 

If there is a work of knickknack or a precious merchandise you’re taking away with you, it is value taking , simply in case one thing occurs and you wish to have to turn it is yours.

However – you are saying your claim was once became down – so it might appear that it is no longer at all times enough and that different varieties of evidence will probably be wanted.

Saga say that image evidence must be sufficient, so possibly some wires had been crossed right here.

Greece: Paul was on holiday in Rhodes when he unfortunately lost his wedding ring in the sea 

Greece: Paul was on holiday in Rhodes when he unfortunately lost his wedding ring in the sea 

Greece: Paul was once on holiday in Rhodes when he sadly lost his wedding ring within the sea 

Lastly, you are saying Saga requested for evidence of the worth of your wedding ring. 

Although you have not had it valued, it is extremely really helpful by means of all insurers that jewelry and different valuables must be valued for insurance functions. 

These valuations must even be up to date each couple of years, to make certain that they’re proper. It is not unusual for insurers to invite for a valuation when shoppers are creating a claim. 

This makes the claiming procedure smoother and offers shoppers peace of thoughts that, must the rest occur, they have got some way of revealing how a lot their pieces are value.  

A Saga spokesman mentioned: ‘We respect that consumers won’t at all times have the entire desired proof to enhance their claim, so we will be able to paintings with them to get as a lot element as imaginable to ensure that them in an effort to make their claim effectively.’

Regarding your claim, Saga says it does not have one on document.

It added: ‘Obtaining a police file or notifying anyone of a loss is no longer at all times possible or cheap so we might take this under consideration when the claim is being reported.

‘We do additionally maintain circumstances the place other folks have no longer were given up to the moment valuations for pieces and in those eventualities we paintings with the client to establish the most likely worth, primarily based on the outline they offer us, the steel any jewelry is made out of, what carat it is and then glance what the most likely alternative price could be.’ 

‘We remember the fact that other folks won’t have receipts for pieces similar to wedding rings which were owned for a very long time and due to this fact pictures of things and even the field that the object got here in are continuously sufficient evidence of possession.’

When requested if anyone didn’t have at hand any of this knowledge, what would occur, Saga mentioned: ‘In our enjoy, other folks do have a tendency to be in a position to supply a few of this knowledge. 

‘We at all times paintings with the client to know what knowledge they do hang so as to lend a hand them make a claim.’ 

Saga have promised to touch you to study your claim.

What you’ll do to verify making an insurance claim is going easily

Saga gave this recommendation to shoppers putting off trip insurance:

1) Try to be sure to stay receipts the place imaginable for pieces you’re taking on holiday as this will likely make the claim procedure a lot smoother should you occur to lose them.

2) Take pictures of your precious possessions to lend a hand make certain that you get a like for like alternative should you would not have a receipt.

three) If an merchandise is stolen on holiday, be sure to download a file from the police to move on in your insurer.

four) If you lose a precious merchandise then file it to the lodge, eating place, airline or excursion operator the place imaginable to document the loss.

five) If you will have precious jewelry get it steadily valued (this is applicable as a lot to house insurance as trip insurance) to be sure to have the right kind quantity of canopy. 

If you will have quilt for private possessions clear of house on your house insurance coverage, this will likely have a extra beneficiant unmarried article restrict than on trip insurance, so in particular pricey pieces are easiest coated underneath house insurance insurance policies.

6) Where imaginable go away valuables, in particular money, in a protected on your lodge, most effective take as a lot money out with you as you assume you’ll want for the day.

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