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Blockchain 4.0? – The Merkle

The blockchain corporate Paymon completed the second one spherical of ICO at the third of May. As it used to be discussed on this article, the brand new generation is likely one of the most powerful causes to speculate and consider within the corporate. What precisely is the innovation of the Paymon blockchain referred to as Hive? Why is it extra pioneering than applied sciences of Bitcoin, Ethereum and IOTA? Here is an in depth comparative description of Hive and its processors.

A brief historical past of blockchain applied sciences

From 2009, when Bitcoin simply gave the impression, the blockchain used to be recognized simply as its major generation. When cryptocurrency first was fashionable in 2015, other folks payed consideration to its generation and referred to as it Blockchain 1.zero. That similar yr, the sector noticed Ethereum blockchain, which mounted a few of Bitcoin’s issues and likewise was fashionable. People referred to as it Blockchain 2.zero.  

In 2015 IOTA made a big trade in decentralized generation, integrating the so-called graph—Directed Acycling Graph (DAG). In truth, it’s no longer a blockchain itself, however an stepped forward device for changing it. IOTA referred to as it Tangle. Some referred to as it model three.zero. What is subsequent?



Paymon cryptocurrency PMNC (Paymon Coin) can also be decentralized and will likely be in line with the DAG device.

DAG is a directed graph that has topological ordering, a chain of the vertices such that each edge is directed from previous to later within the collection.

DAG on this case is the substitute for blockchain. Transactions, in line with DAG, will likely be showed by means of nodes. Each person of the community is a node, so the entire graph is stuffed with them. Nodes ship and likewise approve the transactions

The major thought of Hive is to paintings within the following manner: when a brand new transaction arrives, it will have to approve or attempt to approve two earlier ones.

In order to hurry up the method of affirmation the nodes shape teams (so referred to as “pools”) and every of them approves its transactions. That’s why the entire customers, making transactions, paintings for the community’s protection.

Hive additionally makes use of the device Proof-Of-ME (POM), in line with Proof-Of-Work and a score device. This coverage theory assumes that the person who needs to enroll in the device will have to first ascertain himself.

DAG, in reality, makes the introduction of cryptocurrency imaginable with out blockchain.


  • No Commissions + High Speed of Transactions


Thanks to DAG there will likely be no mining within the sense that miners is not going to obtain cash simply “out of the air” for affirmation of transactions. It provides 3 necessary benefits to the device.

First, DAG solves the scope drawback. For instance, the Bitcoin device permits to make most effective seven transactions in line with 2nd. Ethereum blockchain – about 13-15. EOS, additionally in line with blockchain, permits 100,000 transactions. But with DAG, it’s imaginable to make limitless quantity of transactions. So, it’s imaginable just for Paymon Coin and IOTA.

Second, the velocity of transactions will upward thrust with out miners. To examine, Bitcoin transaction affirmation takes about part an hour. Ethereum’s—from 15 seconds to a couple of mins. Paymon Coin transactions, then again, will paintings straight away.

Third, the Paymon device will assist you to keep away from commissions for the transactions. In February 2017, when a large number of other folks began to make use of Bitcoin actively on the similar time, the fee rate averaged $55. This drawback remains to be related within the cryptocurrency trade. EOS and IOTA transactions are unfastened now, and Paymon Coin ones can also be unfastened.



Smart contracts aren’t the discovery of Paymon. Initially, they have been built-in within the Ethereum device (Bitcoin blockchain doesn’t come with smart-contracts). As it’s recognized, smart-contracts permit for transactions to be made between customers most effective with either side agreeing prematurely. If one aspect doesn’t need to ascertain the transaction, it received’t be finished.

By comparability, IOTA doesn’t have smart-contracts. It is defined by means of the idea that there’s no approach to combine smart-contacts into the DAG device. In Ethereum blockchain all transactions pass in the suitable order, whilst in IOTA device it’s not possible to resolve the transactions order. This is as a result of in DAG, if we will say so, they exist in numerous measurement and don’t move within the chain. However, Paymon programmers are running in this resolution.


  • Quantum – Resistant Algorithm


Here is another reason why Paymon Coin is the longer term. Hive will use the algorithms which are not possible to uncrack by means of quantum computer systems. This choice isn’t of serious present hobby, however it’ll be crucial in Five-10 years.

IOTA is the primary of the blocking off firms that began the use of Quantum – Resistant Algorithms. However, right here Paymon is one step forward once more. IOTA algorithms aren’t optimized and inconvenient for garage. For instance, Paymon’s password will likely be 256 bits, whilst IOTA takes 7,000.

Paymon will use a changed set of rules, which is being examined now. The key sizes will likely be about the similar as for Ethereum, however the set of rules is extra leading edge, so the keys will likely be no much less protected.


  • Programming language Rust


The major program of Hive will likely be written within the programming language Rust. In comparability to different languages ​​(Forth of Bitcoin, Solidity of Ethereum, Web Assembly of EOS, JavaScript / Python / C # / Java / Go of IOTA) Rust is probably the most complex and safe. It is changed, extra subtle, more secure and quicker than the languages ​​of different blockchains.



And so, the overall level about Paymon blockchain is if truth be told probably the most attention-grabbing one. Profit is the trade platform which after all will let cryptocurrency into on a regular basis lifestyles and make it extra fashionable amongst other folks. Why?

All the companies will likely be ready to enroll in the platform and every proprietor gets bills for items and services and products in cryptocurrency. There will likely be a unique constructor built-in to the site, which is able to routinely generate the sensible contracts after the person provides excellent or provider.

For instance, when the person will make a selection a excellent or provider and make a decision to shop for, he’s going to get the selection: to peer a QR-code or to pay for the products straight away (additionally it’ll be imaginable to make a choice supply). In the second one case, the smart-contract will wait till the corporate confirms the fee, checking if the person has sufficient cash for the acquisition. Only after that the trade will likely be completed. The entire procedure will occur straight away.

There additionally will likely be an built-in score device throughout the platform with the intention to keep away from any more or less false impression and conflicts between purchasers and firms. Each person could have an approach to overview the corporate provider from 1 to five, and likewise to speak about any questions.

Moreover, because it used to be discussed sooner than, Paymon will supply transactions with prime pace and with none commissions. So, because of built-in smart-contracts on Hive and Profit, customers can behavior ICO and create on-line money fees for any wishes.

Also, Hive will come with a home trade, in line with atomic swaps, that may permit customers to make P2P exchanges throughout the platform. This may be very handy, as a result of customers will give you the option to pay attention inside the similar platform the entire chances of exchanging other cryptocurrencies. Businessmen will have the ability to settle for fee for his or her items in PMNC and trade it to some other cryptocurrency within Paymon. In the longer term, the cryptocurrency will likely be exchangeable for fiat cash. None of the exchanges will take any charges.  

One extra characteristic of the platform is the built-in chilly wallets, which is able to give you the perfect stage of coverage.


As a consequence, it’s related to mention that Paymon applied sciences have so much in not unusual with IOTA’s. But because it used to be discussed sooner than, IOTA blockchain is extra heavy and inconvenient to stay and likewise doesn’t have smart-contracts.

Plus, IOTA is just for issues within the Internet, and Paymon, because of the platform Profit, will likely be utilized by numerous other folks and will likely be extra helpful at the conventional marketplace. The corporate took inventions and stepped forward them, looking to make crypto-technologies nearer to other folks and to on a regular basis lifestyles. So after a while other folks will purchase their espresso for ETH or BTC or already for PMNC.

This is a subsidized press free up and does no longer essentially replicate the critiques or perspectives held by means of any staff of The Merkle. This isn’t funding, buying and selling, or playing recommendation. Always behavior your personal unbiased analysis.

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