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Blockchain Encyclopedia Launches as Developers Iron Out Token ‘Challenges’

Cayman Islands-based blockchain startup Everipedia officially introduced its peer-to-peer (P2P) encyclopedia August nine, a press release showed.

Designed to be an “autonomous encyclopedia without the need for advertisements or donations,” the venture makes use of the EOS community to serve as and can praise curators with its personal token, dubbed “IQ.”

Co-founder of Wikipedia turned Everipedia CIO Larry Sanger commented within the unlock that they’re “elated to release [their] minimum viable network which allows users to vote on and create articles in a decentralized manner for the first time.”

Talk of a blockchain-based “alternative” Wikipedia has lengthy floated round cryptocurrency circles, with fellow co-founder Jimmy Wales’ well known skepticism of Bitcoin (BTC) and hands-off solution to blockchain era serving so as to add to the neighborhood’s motivation.

Wales told Cointelegraph all the way through an interview in June that he’s “not planning to do anything directly in the blockchain space,” however added

“I am very intrigued by the idea. A lot of people have pitched me on their ideas in the journalism space, I just don’t see it makes a lot of sense. I’ll continue to reflect and think.”

Speaking to Bloomberg this week, Everipedia co-founder and president Sam Kazemian highlighted IQ as one of the crucial greatest demanding situations lately going through the venture.

“Designing token economics that actually work and make sense is the most challenging aspect,” he instructed the newsletter,

“It’s easy to create a token and have it do nothing except act as a unit of account inside of some service. But that’s not what the IQ token does.”

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