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XRP Surges Past Ethereum (ETH), Tron (TRX) Update: TRX Games, Project Atlas & More!

I have never uploaded in some two weeks, however now that I am again we will atone for what is took place within the cryptocurrency markets those previous two weeks. Last week noticed XRP usurp Ethereum and take the 2d place on coinmarketcap, albiet in short. Also Tron (TRX), Justin Sun & the Tron Foundation did a reside match outlining new updates, TRX video games, and their plans for Project Atlas (Bittorrent acquisition). While the marketplace capitalization of cryptocurrency remains low at $200,000,000,000 we stay up for upward motion. Hang in there, it will repay.

Could Cryptocurrency be bearish for any other 6months? It may just. Is that most likely? No, however no person is aware of the long run on this rising area.

Comment under and let me know your ideas!

Also watch out for determined publications reusing previous tales for extra FOMO and clicks… Learn to accept as true with sure publications and all the time double take a look at your data throughout more than one resources.

Doing your personal analysis hasn’t ever been extra vital.

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*** The content material observed in this channel isn’t monetary recommendation, all the time do your personal analysis (DYOR) and make investments correctly. I immerse myself in those markets on a daily basis to carry you the related information because it occurs, and am offering perception that are meant to be thought to be my opinion! Happy making an investment everybody!

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  1. Nash Sicle Channel


  2. Do people see an ICO as the best launch? I see coins like deeponion have great success with an airdrop.

  3. maybe you need to sleep again

  4. Nice and short. Let’s keep it this way! ??

  5. Well that's your strategy, but it's not the only one – let's remember that. Your approach is very high intensity and doesn't work for everyone. Personally I am a very long term holder 2020 and beyond. The reason for this is very simple. Ask this question – what do we feel the crypto market cap will be worth in 2020 or later? I suspect trillions and if so a fixed portfolio (not constantly buying and selling) will do very well. Just choose your tokens carefully and buy early.

  6. Landon what do you think of vite? Smart contract + dag, doing something called the snapshot chain. Creating their own language called solidity++. Sounds really good

  7. We are in it for the tech guys!!

  8. Dont think it would

  9. Hiram Vandervort

    Anyone have leads on what huobi is planning?

  10. What do you think about Covesting?

  11. Great content! Can you do any reviews on origin protocol, fr8network, or Muirfield IP?

  12. Great episode as usual

  13. we are still making lower lows and lower highs. Closing prices amigo.

  14. I USDT last weekend; Momentum stalled. Altcoins is where the action is: ZIL ADA XLM ONT

  15. XRP WAS ALREADY A SHITCOIN NOW THAT WILD BILL IS THEIR SPOKESMAN IT WILL TURN TO STINKING SHITCOIN and make room at the top for real blockchain coins when it sinks !! !

  16. And we are entering in the despair fase. This are exciting times to be invested in this market. I've started along time ago, still in profit no mather were i look, and most of my portfolio is on big caps. Patiently waiting here for the next years, acomulating big time, and very bullish overall. Not bear or bull, i'm a wolf

  17. Wayne Vandervort

    Welcome back L u def was missed buddy

  18. One question about crypto currency…in 10 yrs or so won’t it create a bigger divide between rich and poor.

  19. Bitcoin will never touch $1million. There is simply too much downward pressure from the futures market.

  20. $100 by the end of 2018

  21. Louisa Balistreri

    Happy to have you back

  22. I had a prophetic dream recently. The market broke down below the bottom support of that wedge and stayed there for a month or so. I didn't see any prices but it looked to be around the $4500 range for BTC. I don't care either way. It would be a good accumulation period. BTW. Fibronacci is based on the golden ratio Phi 1.618 I think someone should come up with a way to apply Pi 3.14 as a TA indicator. Then you could run circles around the market.

  23. TPiAU7StGtLpDQqF1ZU9Z3NHrs8HkTkZHP tron wallet please trying to get some coins don't have a lot

  24. I love TRON. Do you think there will be $ 10 in two years? 🙂

  25. Indeed Mr Frank Robert is a trade warrior, i never knew that his strategy is so great like this,seeing traders recommending and commenting him and his mighty pattern of trading Forex/Binary option, truly a trial to him has convinced me much about him with wonderful winning i am getting from his circle and pattern of trading i still recommend him and his strategy for other traders.

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